Nicolas Fevrier, Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Juniper ACX7509 FPC and Ports Positioning

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A couple of rules must be followed in term of positioning of FPC in the ACX7509 chassis.

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You’ll learn

  • The difference between slots

  • Some basic rules

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Nicolas Fevrier
Product Manager, Juniper Networks


0:00 some basic rules must be respected

0:02 regarding the utilization of fpcs in

0:05 scx-7509 chassis the slots 1 and 5 use

0:08 fast speed connections 50 gig service

0:10 while the other slots are using lower

0:12 speed links up to 25 gig the FPC 4cd

0:16 400d can only be used in the slots 1 and

0:19 5.

0:20 fpc16cs can be inserted everywhere but

0:23 only in full capacity in one and five

0:24 used in other slots only 8 ports will be

0:27 activated note that in slot 7 one port

0:30 is used for timing features even if you

0:32 don't configure them breakout mode in

0:34 16c is not supported in slots 1 and 5.

0:37 in other slots when you configure a

0:39 channelized port the adjacent Port must

0:40 be channelized too or unused finally the

0:43 fpc20y with SFP ports can be used

0:46 everywhere but 50 gig is available in

0:48 slots 1 and 5 only and 1 Gigi only in

0:51 slot zero two three four six and seven

0:53 that's a lot for one minute but it's not

0:55 so complicated take a look at the tech

0:57 post Link in the description for more

0:59 details

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