Mahesh Subramaniam, Director of Product Management, Data Center, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks AI Data Center and Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC)

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The opening sequence shows the host, Mahesh Subramaniam, in front of a green screen that includes the Juniper logo. The onscreen text reads, “Mahesh Subramaniam, Director of Product Management, Data Center”.

Paving the way to a complete, open communications-stack architecture.

Juniper has joined the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC) as part of its dedication to constructing open, high-performance solutions with improved economics to address the increasing network demands of AI data centers. Explore the video to understand the benefits and advantages of delivering a full-communications stack architecture for constructing AI-optimized data center networks that simplify our customers' experiences.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper will participate in technical workgroups to address vital requirements in next-generation networks

  • Why job completion time (JCT) is a fundamental concept for emerging data center infrastructure requirements and what it will take to reduce JCT

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Mahesh Subramaniam Headshot
Mahesh Subramaniam
Director of Product Management, Data Center, Juniper Networks


0:06 I'm happy to share that Juniper is now a

0:09 member of ultra ethernet Consortium ueec

0:13 and we are participating in all the

0:15 active technical work groups in U but

0:18 what is U ueec is a Consortium of

0:21 leading vendor working together to build

0:24 a common architecture that helps to

0:27 scale and optimize the ethernet fabrics

0:29 for for AI and HPC infrastructures as

0:32 you all know our existing ethernet

0:35 technology has demonstrated its

0:36 reliability numerous times over the past

0:39 few decades several technologies have

0:42 challenged it over the years but

0:44 ethernet has continued to dominate and

0:47 forers a powerful common vendor

0:49 ecosystem that drives strong multivendor

0:52 and strong interoperable technologies

0:54 that technology consistently evolves to

0:57 address the demands of future networks

0:59 now now the U focus on a high

1:02 performance High scalable common stock

1:04 architecture to meet the growing Network

1:06 demands specifically on AI and HBC

1:11 Fabrics why is Juniper fought of

1:14 U machine learning infrastructure

1:16 requirements are expanding rapidly and

1:19 anticipated to grow for the foreseeable

1:21 features so Juniper will help resolve

1:24 networking issues paused by AI ML

1:27 workloads and address the technical

1:30 challenges like low entropy elephant

1:32 flows that Traverse many protocol layers

1:36 as a member of all current technical

1:37 work groups Juniper will participate in

1:40 driving all the architecture requirement

1:42 to solve the broader and more difficult

1:44 customer design requirements plus our

1:47 long history of building low touch High

1:50 automated D Center Fabric and high scale

1:53 automated Network management will bring

1:55 value to U one point one point I would

1:59 like like to make it clear whenever we

2:02 talk about aidc infrastructure

2:04 requirements a key word that we cannot

2:07 avoid is JCT job completion time in

2:10 order to reduce the job completion time

2:13 on training cluster we need to ensure

2:16 low tail latency on the fabric to ensure

2:19 the low tail latency on the fabric there

2:21 are few vital requirements from U which

2:24 needs to be focused for the Next

2:26 Generation networks such as multipathing

2:29 and packet spraying flexible delivery

2:32 order modern congestion and control

2:34 mechanism end to end Telemetry scale

2:37 stability and relability of course as of

2:40 today Juniper has a powerful

2:43 comprehensive data center switching

2:44 portfolio on the hardware side we have a

2:47 high Ric 400 gig and upcoming 800 gig

2:50 switches to accommodate the GPU cluster

2:52 interconnectivity on the software side

2:55 an efficient load balancing solution for

2:57 packet spray Rocky V2 and dcq to control

3:01 the congestion on the fabric at the top

3:05 Juniper has abstra the only multivendor

3:08 DC fabric management and automation tool

3:11 in the industry which is great at

3:13 operating data centers as well upcoming

3:16 days collaboration with u we are sure to

3:19 develop many other hardware and software

3:22 capabilities that will lead to the

3:23 better and better AI ml infrastructure

3:27 for data center operators and better AI

3:31 experience for inducers like

3:41 you

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