Sunalini Sankhavaram, Sr. Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics

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Image showing a slide from a presentation at Juniper’s Tech Field Day that depicts various bar and pie charts.

By storing up to 13 months of data, Juniper Mist Premium Analytics enables IT and line-of-business users to obtain long-term insights to help them with capacity planning, security, and more.

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Sunalini Sankhavaram Headshot
Sunalini Sankhavaram
Sr. Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:09 and for those who don't hear my name

0:11 already I am sunolini I am part of the

0:13 AI driven Enterprise product management

0:15 team and we've spoken about a lot of

0:18 topics before in previous mmds you heard

0:20 a lot of new things that we have

0:23 announced today I'll be talking to you

0:26 about an offering we have called premium

0:29 Analytics

0:30 and the reason it's called premium

0:32 analytics is because it's actually

0:33 delivering analytics or long-term

0:36 contextual insights on some of the

0:39 machine learning and AI action based

0:42 insights we provide within the MIS

0:44 Portal itself

0:45 everything you saw today in the MIS

0:48 Portal and what we've shown in previous

0:50 mfds has been all about simplifying

0:52 network operations trying to measure the

0:55 user experience trying to simplify the

0:57 user experience

0:59 um

1:00 or root cause issues that impact user

1:02 experience but the question that has

1:04 often come up from all the customer that

1:06 I work with across various verticals is

1:08 hey this is great that Marvis did that

1:11 or you found this root cause of that

1:13 root cause but how these root causes

1:15 trending how can I use this fantastic

1:18 Rich Telemetry you have in the cloud to

1:22 give me answers to business

1:24 problems business problems right

1:27 capacity plans business problems like

1:29 how is my RF doing yes it's great that

1:32 RM solved everything but what is it that

1:34 I'm seeing as a pattern continually in

1:37 my RF Network business problems like

1:40 security you know we don't talk about

1:42 with whips anymore but that question

1:44 comes up all the time what are my

1:47 security alerts on my wireless network

1:49 are my neighboring APS becoming more

1:52 impactful to my Wi-Fi network operation

1:55 especially in higher ed compared to my

1:57 rogue APS what's going on what is the

1:59 trending look like so a premium

2:02 analytics came into Play It's targeting

2:04 both our line of business

2:07 organizations as well as network ID now

2:10 a little bit of History here

2:13 when Prem analytics began it began with

2:16 the sole purpose of answering some of

2:18 the line of business questions around

2:20 traffic analysis say how many visitors

2:22 how many employees how many Shoppers am

2:24 I getting in my venues what's the

2:27 traffic flow like for that we needed to

2:28 have a longer term view as to how is

2:31 traffic moving across across public

2:33 spaces very soon that pre-maletic

2:37 solution started evolving towards a more

2:40 Network I.T based inside solution it was

2:44 all about providing long-term trends on

2:48 the contextual insights we already have

2:50 in the cloud but how can we again use

2:53 that data use that visualization to

2:56 answer questions that deliver business

2:58 outcomes so what began as a line of

3:01 business tool

3:02 very quickly pivoted towards also

3:05 helping answer Network questions again

3:08 for business outcomes

3:11 so some examples here about what are

3:13 these business outcomes a common one

3:15 capacity planning right

3:18 you saw West talk about the capacity SLE

3:20 you saw the coverage SLE you've seen the

3:23 Maris actions we have about hey there is

3:26 potentially a capacity issue here you

3:27 need to add another AP

3:29 but from a long-term trending

3:31 perspective if you are trying to see

3:33 certain locations as especially now in

3:35 in the Enterprise space as users are

3:37 coming back to work you want to look at

3:39 okay how is my Trend in terms of

3:41 capacity usage do I have enough capacity

3:43 in the air do I have enough capacity on

3:45 my wired Network do I have you brought

3:47 up the the charter uh Grand link do I

3:51 have enough capacity on my van circuit

3:52 because the traffic patterns are

3:55 changing

3:56 yes we will do what we can to again

3:59 measure the user experience with the

4:01 current state of affairs but is there a

4:03 long-term view here is there a policy

4:05 change we have to make is there an up

4:07 leveling of the network itself that we

4:09 have to do because we're hitting Peak

4:10 whether it's Peak on Wi-Fi Peak on wired

4:13 picon man how do you know you know

4:15 because we have the data we have the

4:18 context and now it's premium analytics

4:20 we're able to deliver deliver for you a

4:23 longer term view a full Insight on that

4:25 contextual or rather a full trend line

4:27 on that contextual Insight around Wi-Fi

4:31 capacity is it hitting the limit around

4:34 wired capacity am I wired switch up

4:36 things hitting the limit around the van

4:38 circuit again beauty of being full stack

4:40 I get Telemetry from the wireless

4:42 network the wired Network the wire

4:44 Network we are now able to give you that

4:47 full view of what are the capacity

4:49 limits coming into and then what policy

4:52 changes you need to make because we are

4:55 hitting capacity no matter all the

4:57 optimization we do

5:00 um another one here you see this thing

5:01 called trending application right

5:03 typically when you look at application

5:05 views you always get that pretty pie

5:07 chart about topics application and top

5:09 talkers but have you ever thought about

5:13 how is the trend of applications being

5:16 used impacting my network right I'll

5:18 give you an example we talked about chat

5:20 GPT 3 and N4 and you all heard about

5:23 Enterprise talking about policies of

5:25 letting their employees know hey do not

5:27 use chat GPT for confidential questions

5:30 wouldn't you like to know how many users

5:32 in your network actually using llm and

5:34 how is that trending across the user

5:36 population that again is immense amount

5:39 of data power of cloud we can ingest

5:42 that data part of premalytics we can

5:44 help you now visualize that data to see

5:46 which users what's the type of

5:48 application what's the usage over time

5:51 not just a snapshot in time but over

5:53 time right

5:56 next one is RF insights again West

5:58 talked about RM we talked a lot about

6:00 what we you know the symbiotic

6:02 relationships we have today that RM

6:03 helps break the deadlock on

6:05 but again talking about longer term

6:07 Trends the question always comes up

6:10 it's great that RM did

6:12 the optimization for my RF network but

6:15 what's my overall Channel utilization

6:17 like what's that evidence that RM is

6:19 acting on what is actually going on with

6:21 my RF Network Prem analytics has the

6:23 answer the second question that comes up

6:26 is okay tell me what changes did RM do

6:28 how many times it changed power how many

6:30 times did it change channels what was my

6:32 my biggest issue or the reason why RM

6:36 did what it did and as part of this

6:38 again working with our customers came

6:40 down the DFS impact right which is the

6:43 most offending DFS Channel that I see

6:45 continually that's causing RM to then

6:49 change channels at the appropriate times

6:52 to not impact users but that level of

6:54 visibility again is what we're able to

6:56 provide by giving this longer term Trend

6:59 this analysis on the contextual data

7:02 last but not least understanding

7:04 interfere instance yes I have a silly

7:06 question about the name of the product

7:08 you keep saying premium is that an

7:10 add-on product that's above and beyond

7:13 something else that you're buying extra

7:14 usually if you buy the premium package

7:16 like it's a

7:18 thing so we have a premium package which

7:20 gives this to you as part of the bundle

7:22 so you get the license exactly you turn

7:25 on exactly okay it's an offering from

7:27 the cloud essentially right now the

7:30 question about that I'm glad you

7:31 answered that question

7:33 a lot of customers say give me the raw

7:35 data and I will build my own

7:37 visualization which is fine we have all

7:39 the apis but I will tell you this 99.99

7:42 personal time those same customers come

7:44 back and say I have a bi team I'm not

7:47 going to get their time of day Juniper

7:50 missed what can you help me do right and

7:52 that's exactly what led to this stream

7:53 offering coming into play saying we have

7:56 the data we can be your bi tool to give

7:58 you the business insights you're looking

8:00 for here is a solution okay so can can

8:03 the reports I mean because right now I

8:05 have it there's like some pre-canned

8:06 reports and stuff that showed up in

8:08 there everything that I can use from a

8:09 demo and show the customers

8:10 if I want if I'm looking for something

8:12 very specific or if a customer is

8:13 looking for something very specific

8:14 that's not in there is that something

8:15 that can be requested and absolutely

8:17 okay yeah and within two to four weeks

8:19 you'll see a turnaround time you'll see

8:21 that report available to you okay so but

8:23 the key part here is this again it's all

8:25 about the longer term observability

8:27 right from a real-time troubleshooting

8:28 perspective Marvis does does for you

8:31 what it does today right you saw the the

8:33 efficacy chart of Marvis working on

8:35 customer tickets and answering questions

8:37 but the the point that we always keep

8:40 coming across working with customers is

8:42 just give me that longer term trend of

8:45 these contextual insights so that I can

8:46 make more business decisions about my

8:49 network planning for the future right uh

8:51 I'm showing you now Wi-Fi security

8:53 insights for you again vids whips has

8:56 been there for decades it's nothing new

8:58 but the visibility we're able to now

9:00 provide with okay which alerts am I

9:02 seeing consistently over a longer period

9:03 of time you saw an alert now you took an

9:05 action on it it coiled down tomorrow I

9:07 have new alerts what is that trend is

9:10 the action I'm taking sufficient to keep

9:12 my security alerts down person to a

9:14 certain minimum or I keep saying new

9:16 issues come up again and again and

9:18 therefore do I need to do now a policy

9:20 change to prevent that trend from

9:21 happening right so this is where again

9:23 your eyes open up your blindfold gets

9:26 removed again getting a longer term view

9:28 of the contextual insights we already

9:29 have in the Miss cloud

9:31 and last but not least where our journey

9:33 began line of business analytics right

9:35 the question that often come up whether

9:37 it's the corporate space whether it's

9:40 retail stores whether it's public venues

9:42 whether it's even Healthcare hospitals

9:44 where are my people coming from where

9:47 are they going where are they spending

9:49 more time and this again uh don't want

9:52 to put a plug here for location but I

9:54 can't help it that's dear to my heart

9:55 this data can be done either based on

9:58 Wi-Fi signals coming from devices or it

10:01 can also be based on the Bluetooth

10:03 mobile application that are indoor

10:04 location enabled or even Bluetooth asset

10:07 tags so given that we have this

10:10 phenomenal Bluetooth directional antenna

10:12 array built into our APS we can use that

10:14 as a source of location as well to feed

10:16 data into the line of business analytics

10:18 and again this is all about driving

10:20 business outcomes where are people

10:22 spending more time do I have a

10:24 congestion do I have a hot spot what is

10:26 my average dwell time in certain

10:28 locations versus others all can now be

10:30 delivered with these business insights

10:32 from Prem analytics and with that over

10:35 to you to talk to you about customer

10:36 momentum thank you

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