Juniper Mist AI's Core Design

Screenshot from the video showing a diagram with various icons. The writing says, “Mist Microservices Architectures.”

Learn about Juniper Mist AI Cloud’s core design model.

What’s behind Juniper's Mist™ AI Cloud? For starters, it leverages the same cloud technologies as Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Learn more by watching this short, yet highly informative exposé.

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You’ll learn

  • The benefits of Mist AI Cloud’s architecture, including rapid deployment and real-time event processing

  • How Mist AI Cloud’s modern design model contrasts favorability to first-generation cloud providers

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 Mist leveraged the same Cloud

0:02 Technologies used by LinkedIn Netflix

0:04 Google and Amazon this gives us web

0:07 scale high performance and software

0:10 agility

0:12 the benefits of this are

0:14 rapid deployment of new features without

0:16 impacting existing services

0:19 real-time event processing

0:22 flexibility and reliability using

0:24 service containerization

0:26 elastic scale to provision and

0:29 de-provision resources as needed

0:32 this goal is to react quickly to

0:34 customer feedback and release new

0:36 features and improvements in web time

0:38 contrast this to the first generation

0:40 Cloud providers whose technology dates

0:43 back to 2006 a year before the iPhone

0:47 was unveiled

0:49 their cloud is defined with words like

0:51 Data Center

0:52 seismic bracing HVAC

0:56 this was Modern in 2006 when servers

1:00 virtual machines and fences were all the

1:02 rage

1:03 not so much today

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