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Introducing Juniper Mist Routing Assurance

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Introducing Juniper Mist Routing Assurance

AI-Native Networking Platform, now extended to Enterprise Routing

Juniper Mist Routing Assurance brings Juniper Networks high performance, sustainable and versatile enterprise edge routing platforms, such as MX and ACX series, under the Mist AI and cloud umbrella.

Marvis, Juniper’s conversational, AI-fueled interface allows effortless troubleshooting using natural language. It allows operations to faster identify issues, query network configurations and ask detailed product questions, reduces mean time to repair/innocence (MTTR/MTTI).

This first AI-Native Routing solution revolutionize WAN operation so enterprises can modernizing their WAN edge. When combined with other Juniper Mist solutions it allows enterprises to streamline operations across all network domains.

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You’ll learn

  • What is Juniper Mist Routing Assurance, the latest addition to Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform

  • How to monitor, analyze and resolve issues swiftly across multiple branch offices, WAN Edges, and peering locations

  • How Marvis for Routing can help operation reduces mean time to repair/innocence (MTTR/MTTI)

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Network Professionals


Paul Notzold Headshot
Paul Notzold
Director, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:00 Enterprises face a multitude of

0:02 complexities and challenges but

0:05 regardless of the industry limited

0:07 resources are almost always at the top

0:09 of the list with 86% of cios claiming a

0:13 lack of skilled workers this has driven

0:16 a strong demand for automation tools

0:19 which help it teams meet emerging

0:21 business needs while keeping costs to a

0:23 minimum for distributed Enterprises the

0:26 need for automation is especially

0:28 critical when it comes to the wide area

0:30 network whether running sdwan sassy or

0:35 traditional routers in branch locations

0:37 the need for agile scalable and reliable

0:40 operations is Paramount Juniper Mist

0:43 routing Assurance the latest addition to

0:46 our AI native networking platform is key

0:49 to delivering on this objective it

0:51 brings Juniper's high performance

0:54 versatile MX and ACX Edge routers under

0:58 the premier Mist AI Eng and Cloud as an

1:02 AI native and Cloud native service

1:04 routing Assurance simplifies operations

1:07 and delivers the most effective way to

1:10 monitor analyze and resolve issues

1:13 swiftly across multiple Branch offices

1:16 Wan edges and peering

1:20 locations let's dig in and look at how

1:22 this Innovative solution

1:24 works first you'll be able to easily on

1:27 board your Juniper routers such as MX3

1:29 304 MX 204 and ACX

1:34 7024 your operations team can do this in

1:37 minutes with our highly intuitive user

1:39 interface driven by Mist AI it's SAS so

1:45 there's no overhead no installation and

1:48 no infrastructure to maintain then

1:51 simply begin to extract insights and

1:53 monitor your routers you'll extract key

1:56 metrics like temperatures speeds

1:59 versions

2:00 locations workload reachability physical

2:03 inventory bgp status class of service

2:07 and queuing and you can easily visualize

2:11 events like configuration changes

2:14 analyze their performance impacts check

2:16 the EOL EOS status of their entire

2:19 installed base you can also see security

2:23 and vulnerability issues whether it's CS

2:26 or bug notifications affecting the

2:28 network simple right exactly Simplicity

2:33 is the whole point but there's

2:36 more you now have a single source for

2:38 Wan router events suggested corrective

2:41 actions and service level expectations

2:44 or SLE that optimize device health this

2:49 same Source also manages activities for

2:52 sdwan and Sassi for complete Wan

2:55 automation insight and assurance and

2:59 what fired access wireless access and

3:02 the data center are also part of the

3:04 Mist Ai and Cloud umbrella for broad

3:07 value and cost savings across an entire

3:10 distributed

3:11 Enterprise in addition Marvis the first

3:15 and only AI native virtual Network

3:17 assistant with conversational AI has

3:20 also been extended to the Enterprise

3:22 routing domain Marvis empowers your team

3:26 with chat assistance allowing faster

3:29 documentation search and will improve

3:31 performance degradation troubleshooting

3:34 and offer recommended remediation

3:37 actions with mist routing assurance and

3:40 Marvis VNA for routing distributed

3:42 Enterprises can now easily deploy and

3:45 manage Juniper's proven and sustainable

3:48 Edge routers with all the AI native

3:50 assurance and cost savings delivered via

3:53 the M AI portfolio Juniper's AI native

3:57 networking platform with

3:58 industry-leading automation

4:00 lets you do more with less driving

4:02 increased value to your business while

4:05 saving time and money but don't take our

4:07 word for it set up a test drive so you

4:10 can try it out for yourself

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