Nicolas Fevrier, Product Manager, Juniper Networks

PTX10001-36MR Hardware Introduction

400G & 800G
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PTX10001-36MR in one minute

One minute description of a 9.6Tbps, 1RU router optimized for 100GE and 400GE.

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You’ll learn

  • What this router can do

  • How the PTX10001-36MR is designed

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Nicolas Fevrier
Product Manager, Juniper Networks


0:00 the Juniper PTX 10001 36 Mr in one

0:04 minute it's a one audio router that can

0:06 forward 9.6 terabytes per second we

0:08 designed it around Express 4 chipset to

0:10 provide deep buffering maxac encryption

0:12 on all ports large routing tables and

0:15 tons of counters 8 million the potentity

0:17 is 12 times 100 Gigi and 24 times 400

0:20 gig it's a fixed form factor with fan

0:23 and power redundancy on the back we have

0:25 five plus one fan modules and OnePlus

0:27 One AC or DC power supply blocks

0:30 internally a ZF fabric engine

0:32 interconnects free Express 4 npus if you

0:35 don't use all the npus you can shut them

0:38 down and save power also a 12 core CPU

0:41 with 64 gigabytes of RAM guarantees fast

0:43 convergence and parallel processing of

0:45 large bgp policies with high bandwidth

0:48 in a compact form factor the PTX 1001

0:51 36mr can suit many use cases you want to

0:54 know more you'll find a link to the tech

0:56 Post article in the description

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