Contract Number: 181AN-TISA2018-0820

Contract Term: September 13, 2018 – September 18, 2023

Discounts: Products 45% Service 10%

MiCTA Web Site: https://www.mictatech.org/

Juniper Representatives

Roxanne Bieniek
Business Development
Phone: (978) 589-0636
Email: rbieniek@juniper.net

Matt Roberts
Practice Leader US Strategic Verticals – Healthcare
Phone: (978) 520-1164
Email: mattr@juniper.net

Mike Newcomb
Practice Leader US Strategic Verticals - Higher Education and SLED
Phone: (618) 541-0428
Email: mnewcomb@juniper.net

Juniper Resellers

Alaska Communications
Anchorage, AK
Contact: Aaron Doshier
O: (907) 529-7997
Email: aaron.doshier@acsalaska.com

Columbus, OH
Contact: Andy Fox
O: (614) 266-7246
Email: af4086@att.com

Business Communications Inc.
Ridgeland, MS
Contact: Clark Cummins
O: (601) 334-4414
Email: ccummins@bcianswers.com

Moorhead, MN
Contact: Anna Hanson
O: (701) 200-1472
Email: ahanson@bytespeed.com

CentraComm Communications Ltd
Findley, OH
Contact: Tyler Bush
O: (614) 307-7109
Email: tbush@centracomm.net

Data Networks of America, Inc.
Hunt Valley, MD
Contact: Samantha Hittie
O: 410-823-3000 ext. 3019
Email: samhittie@datanetworks.com

Edge Team Technology
Flower Mound, TX
Contact: Beau Rogers
O: (817) 857-6659
Email: beau@edgeteam.com

Integration Partners
Lexington, MA
Contact: Ethan Serlin
O: (203) 856-7093
Email: eserlin@integrationpartners.com

ITsavvy LLC.
Chicago, IL
Contact: Brian Fields
O: (630) 396-6305
Email: bfields@ITsavvy.com

Kudelski Security, Inc.
Dallas, TX
Contact: Sean Stenovitch
O: (214) 420-5801
Email: sean.stenovitch@kudelskisecurity.com

Tek-Hut Inc.
Boise, ID
Contact: Abby Staley
O: (208) 377-5159
Email: abby@tek-hut.com