Simplified Board Books

Technology is constantly changing — and becoming more complex. The Simplified book series explains and illustrates complicated technologies and concepts in a fun way that’s easy to understand. Each book tells a story to help you get the most out of your enterprise network.

Simplified: AI-Driven Secure SD-WAN

An expanding business calls for an expanding network. Connecting your growing network can be tough, especially with the need to maintain strong security. Enter the secure software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). In Simplified: AI-Driven Secure SD-WAN, you’ll learn how to use AI and SD-WAN to build an exceptional network that makes weak security a non-option.

Simplified: AI-Driven Secure SD-WAN

Simplified: Connected Security

As technology advances, so does the need for exceptional network security. In Simplified: Connected Security, you’ll learn how connecting security across your entire network through multiple points of enforcement leaves no threat undetected.

Simplified: Top to Bottom Secure Multicloud

Multicloud is the future of enterprise. In Simplified: Top to Bottom Secure Multicloud, you’ll learn how the different layers of the multicloud work together in a harmonious way — both end-to-end and top to bottom — to bring a seamless cloud experience for every user and application.

Simplified: Top to Bottom Secure Automated Multicloud

Simplified: AI-Driven Enterprise

When combined with cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence enables automated workflows across the enterprise, from the cloud and data center all the way to the campus and branch. In Simplified: AI-Driven Enterprise, you’ll learn how an AI-driven approach simplifies your campus and branch operations and helps you deliver great user experience.

Simplified AI-Driven Enterprise

Simplified: Artificial Intelligence for IT

Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform Information Technology. AI and ML-based systems make your network more reliable and easier to operate. In Simplified: Artificial Intelligence for IT, you’ll learn about AI fundamentals including how AI is trained. You’ll see how to differentiate the real from the hype, and what to look for when it comes to AI for IT.

Simplified: End-to-End Secure Multicloud

When it comes to cloud technology, there are many types of clouds, all with different capabilities. The multicloud approach allows for these clouds to operate together as one single, coordinated entity. Simplified: End-to-End Secure Multicloud takes you on the journey to the secure and automated multicloud, showing you how users can manage their network in a uniform way, regardless of how many applications are in use.

Simplified: Why EVPN/VXLAN?

Technology is always moving forward, which can make maintaining your present network difficult as you try to prepare for the future. In Simplified: Why EVPN/VXLAN?, you’ll learn how EVPN/VXLAN allows old and new applications, and even multiple vendors, to work together to unify operations across your network.