Juniper Live Webinar Giveaway

Do you qualify for a free SRX firewall?

We’d like you to kickstart your AI-driven network with a free SRX340 firewall. You might be eligible to receive the firewall if you attend a live webinar that sponsors the product giveaway.

You’ll qualify for a giveaway if you meet a few requirements, including:

  • You have a network project of $30,000 minimum scheduled to be deployed within 12 months, for which Juniper is a viable solution.
  • You’re a legal resident of the United States and a full-time IT professional.
  • You’re not an independent consultant, reseller, MSP, distributor, competitor, member of the media (including bloggers), government employee, or foreign official.

Be sure to register for a live webinar that sponsors the product giveaway using a valid company or business email address.

Read the full terms and conditions.

This promotion is for a limited period, and Juniper may modify, suspend, or terminate it at any time. All free SRX firewalls must be approved by Juniper management. Recipients may be subject to taxes on the value of the giveaway. Any and all taxes are the recipient’s sole responsibility.

SRX340 left low view