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The Cloud-Native Router takes full advantage of container economics and operational efficiencies, giving service providers the flexibility they need to deploy 5G. The performant, software-based router combines Juniper’s proven routing technology, the Junos OS containerized routing protocol daemon (cRPD), and Contrail vRouter DPDK forwarding plane for x86 processors. It integrates seamlessly with the Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) framework.

The router complements Juniper’s physical routers with advanced networking features for cloud-native environments where space, power, and cooling are limited. Based on the same Junos OS routing technology, hybrid physical and virtual networks provide a single experience end to end. The Cloud-Native Router is a key component in the 5G Distributed Radio Access Network (D-RAN) and in 5G Core data centers hosted in hyperscaler cloud environments.

At the end of the 90-day trial period, we offer a seamless conversion if you choose to purchase. You won’t need to reinstall JCNR.

To start your free JCNR trial, complete the following steps.

Step 1

Select JCNR Software

You’ll need to enter your user ID and password and accept the Juniper end-user license agreement to proceed.


Step 2

Retrieve License Key

The license key activates your 90-day JCNR trial and enables advanced routing features.


Step 3

Deploy JCNR

Refer the deployment procedure corresponding to your infrastructure. Add the license key to secrets/jcnr-secrets.yaml when directed by the documentation.