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At AI-Native NOW, industry thought leaders and tech luminaries, Juniper AI experts and specialists, and our most innovative customers from around the planet cut through the AI noise and got down to what really matters — defining, shaping, and being AI-native.

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The virtual AI-native event of the year

AI-Native NOW had it all: an AI-opening keynote, engaging guest speaker presentations, inspirational customer conversations, demos, and exciting new product introductions. Highlights included Estée Lauder ex-Chief Analytics Officer Sol Rashidi’s talk on achieving the art of the possible with AI; and an introduction to Marvis Minis, the industry’s first and only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin.


How AIOps Delivers Real Results: Voice of the Customer

ServiceNow and The George Washington University customers discuss how AI-Native Networking helps them achieve increased agility, simplified automation, and the assurance they need for simpler operations, increased productivity, and reliable performance at scale. In addition, they share some hurdles to getting started and how best to overcome them.


Shifting to Experience First: Why AI-Native Matters

Juniper Networks CEO, Rami Rahim, shares his excitement around disrupting the networking space and delivering value to the world at large. He explains Juniper’s shift from a focus on performance to user experiences driven by the world’s first AI-Native Networking Platform. Breaking down the platform, he explains why it is the only true AIOps solution available, which delivers game-changing value to our customers.

Your wish is our AI-Native NOW on-demand

This is your chance to take a deep dive into what being AI-native means, what makes the world’s first AI-Native Network tick, and the impact it can have on the user experiences you deliver.

  • Learn how to assure that every connection is reliable, measurable, and secure for every device, user, application, and asset
  • Experience our AI Data Center, the fastest, most flexible way to deploy high-performing AI training and inference clusters
  • Explore a range of demos, including a close look at the game-changing capabilities of our virtual assistant Marvis, both in the network and in the data center
  • Meet Marvis Minis, the industry’s first and only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin
  • Hear from customers who have achieved simpler operations, increased productivity, and reliable performance at scale 


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