ZettaNet meets booming digital demand across Australia with agile Juniper network

Perth is known for endless sunshine, but the Western Australia city is also home to a vibrant business community. ZettaNet serves the region with business internet and high-touch customer service.

To meet exponential demand for enterprise network, data center, and cloud services in Perth and beyond, the privately-held ZettaNet built out a high-capacity core network with Juniper Networks® MX240 Universal Routing Platform.


Company ZettaNet
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX240SRX Series
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Serve 10X more customers with no additional infrastructure investment


Seamlessly migrated to 100/Gbps backbone


Simplify operations with network automation


Meet demand for high-capacity network services

The imperative to deliver profitable services has intensified as organizations of all sizes accelerate the use of technology for customer interactions and business operations.

“Business growth drove the need to upgrade our core network,” says Simon Dixon, network manager for ZettaNet. “Bandwidth is getting cheaper, and customers need more and more bandwidth.”

Customers, says Dixon, commonly want 1 Gbps connectivity between locations.

ZettaNet primarily serves managed service providers, who then deliver network, data center and cloud, and voice services to their customers like local businesses, schools, hospitals, residential communities, and government offices in Western and Southern Australia.

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Exceptional network services with a local touch

“I admit, I’m a Juniper fan,” Dixon says. “Juniper has the right tools for the right job, whether it’s the core network, the edge, or at the customer premises.”

The compact, high-density MX240 platform allows ZettaNet to meet customer demand for high-capacity network services and to connect its Perth and Sydney cloud data centers.

The migration from older Juniper routers was seamless, with no architecture changes. “We did a drop and replace with the MX240 routers,” he says. “It was simpler than I thought.”

Customers connect to ZettaNet’s network using Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for next-generation firewall, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity.

The Juniper relationship has been forged over a decade. “Juniper understands our business, and the Juniper team has gone above and beyond to help us grow,” he says.

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High-capacity networking is an engine for business growth

The new 100 Gbps backbone positions ZettaNet to meet exponential demand for high-capacity network and data center services as the company further expands in Victoria and South Australia.

The network is the foundation of its network services portfolio that includes MPLS, SD-WAN, and failover network services as well as its fast-growing data center, cloud, and managed voice services.

Operational efficiency is supported by a network that’s designed for simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. Automated configuration of Juniper MX Series routers and SRX firewalls simplifies customer service provisioning and network operations.

“Automation using Ansible and Juniper’s open APIs allows us to deploy customers faster and with less risk,” Dixon says.

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"A Juniper network enables us to meet booming growth. We envision that we can serve ten times more customers without buying more infrastructure."
Simon Dixon Network Manager, ZettaNet

Published April 2021