Digital Consulting Firm Synechron Plans to Double Revenue in 3 Years

The opportunity to work on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge fintech attracts top talent to Synechron. State-of-the-art workspaces and delivery centers, powered by Juniper switching, have increased workforce productivity as consultants and developers help clients accelerate digital transformation.


Company Synechron
Industry Financial Services
Products used EX2300QFX5110
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


State-of-the-art workspaces, attracting top talent to work on cutting-edge fintech solutions 


Workforce productivity with secure global network


Management of delivery center and campus networks 


Rapid expansion to support next-stage growth



As a leader in delivering digital, business, and technology services exclusively to banks, asset managers, and insurance companies, Synechron relies on Juniper Networks switching to power its delivery centers and offices around the world.

Financial institutions commonly engage consulting firms like Synechron to help them reach their fintech goals faster. Headquartered in New York, Synechron provides a broad range of digital strategy, business consulting, and technology initiatives for capital markets, wealth management, and insurance firms.

With a quest for growth, the company has used thoughtful, strategic acquisitions to quickly expand to 8000 employees in 18 offices around the world. To reach its next-stage growth, Synechron must continue to attract top talent and invest in state-of-the-art workspaces, innovation labs, and multiple delivery centers for its robust services.

Synechron Challenge


Synechron relies on Juniper switching around the world. Client service offices and delivery centers in India, Hong Kong, Europe, and the U.S. use Juniper for data center and campus switching.

The Juniper Networks QFX5110 Switch serves as the data center network core, with the Juniper Networks EX4600 Ethernet Switch serving as aggregation devices. EX Series Ethernet Switches, including the EX3400 and EX2300, are used in enterprise campus and branch environments.

Using Virtual Chassis technology, individual EX Series switches are interconnected to create a single, logical unit, simplifying configuration and management. By running the Juniper Networks Junos operating system, the switches improve the overall reliability, security, and flexibility of the network. In addition, Junos OS facilitates automated network operations, which further enhances operational efficiency.

 Bhapkar and the Synechron leadership team had three requirements for the Bangalore expansion, and the Juniper switching solutions met each one. “We wanted the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, with all security features enabled. The network had to be scalable so there’s never a bottleneck in service delivery,” Bhapkar says.

 “From our deep evaluation of network providers, Juniper stood out with an endto-end solution that addressed security, scalability, performance, and cloud-readiness,” Bhapkar says.

Synechron Solution


With the opportunity to work with top-tier financial services clients on exciting and innovative initiatives, Synechron continues to attract best-in-class talent from around the world. With state-of-the-art workspaces, employees can now work more easily, enjoying responsive access to their applications and resources thanks to much-improved network availability.

The network handles enterprise applications, IoT systems like physical security, and the development and operations of complex fintech solutions. “The network is much more stable, and we are getting very positive feedback from Synechron users about the network performance,” Bhapkar says. Overall, workforce productivity has improved while efficiencies have increased

As Synechron’s business continues to grow, the network team is looking to automation to streamline network configuration and management. “With Junos OS, we are well-positioned for enhanced automation,” Bhapkar says. “Automation is in our pipeline.

Cloud-based services, automation, and a Juniper-powered network align perfectly with Synechron’s aggressive growth strategy and need for business agility. “Our clients and our employees expect us to possess an advanced network that can support all current and emerging technologies,” Bhapkar says. “With a Juniper network, we can showcase our expertise and attract both customers and top talent that will ultimately support our growth goals.

Synechron Outcome
Umesh Bhapkar IT Director, Synechron
"Our clients and our employees expect us to possess an advanced network that can support all current and emerging technologies. With a Juniper network, we can showcase our expertise and attract both customers and top talent that will ultimately support our growth goals."
Umesh Bhapkar IT Director, Synechron

Published January 2020