Reliam Helps Customers Embrace Hybrid Cloud with High-Performance Data Center

To begin offering hybrid cloud and back-up services while ensuring continual customer uptime, managed service provider Reliam overhauled its data center.

A managed web service provider since 2001, Reliam saw new opportunities to serve customers with hybrid cloud services and on-premises cloud backup. To maintain its white-glove reputation, the company needed to ensure 24/7 uptime for customers, which required a data center with carrier-grade reliability.


Company Reliam
Industry SaaS Services
Products used QFX5100EX4300SRX1500
Region Americas
Reliam Image
"If we’re going to provide the best possible service to customers, we don’t want to create problems for ourselves. You need to purchase the sure thing, and the sure thing is going with Juniper. That’s why we’re 100-percent Juniper in our data center."
Keith Archer COO, Reliam

Business Challenge

To deploy new hybrid cloud and backup services, Reliam sought a way to ensure cloud-scale performance and reliability and eliminate past issues with network performance. Serving mission-critical customer applications required that it reconstruct its data center with a redundant core network and high availability at the edge.

Technology Solution

Reliam deployed a data center network fabric based on the Juniper Unite Cloud architecture and secured by Juniper SRX firewalls. With a Virtual Chassis Fabric, Reliam has a highly redundant core network that supports a mix of Ethernet connections. An MX104 3D Universal Edge Router delivers 80 Gbps of capacity and a redundant control plane for high availability.

Business Results

Reliam has increased throughput and resilience and enhanced security. Dramatic performance improvements mean customers receive true 10-Gbps throughput – better service than they could afford to build themselves. Reliam can now meet growing demand for private, direct connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services.

"Our mission is to ensure that our customers’ market-facing solutions are up all the time. With Juniper, we’ve built a data center with carrier-class equipment that can be a safety valve and a badge of honor when the cloud goes down, because they’re not affected from a customer viewpoint."
Keith Archer COO, Reliam