Scaling to deliver an excellent experience to millions.

Privalia’s customers have been growing rapidly in numbers, and the need for a robust, always-on solution led this e-commerce retailer to upgrade its Juniper network and security platforms across core data center and warehouse operations.

Privalia is a fast growing e-commerce retailer that has attracted more than six million users since its founding in 2007. As a private shopping club, its members have access to high-end brands at bargain prices. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it has expanded its operations to include Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.


Company Privalia
Industry Retail
Products used SRX SeriesEX SeriesNext-Generation Firewall Services
Region EMEA
Privalia Image
"The way Juniper’s system splits its data and control planes is very appealing. When we implemented policy-based forwarding on our switches, other vendors’ equipment performance dropped off sharply, whereas Juniper’s just kept working."
Donato Diaz IT Network Architect, Privalia

Business Challenge

Privalia needed a network that would scale to support hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously accessing its systems, with peak demands reaching up to three times that during successful sales campaigns. Privalia also wanted to upgrade its security and monitoring capabilities to give greater visibility into and control over the applications and traffic running on its network.

Business Solution

Privalia evaluated and stress-tested several alternative solutions before choosing Juniper Networks as the best fit for its needs. Experts at local Juniper partner Seidor supported the upgrade, and the migration to the new platforms was completely transparent to Privalia’s customers.

Business Results

What matters most to Privalia is that its customers continue to experience a service where the Web platform and e-commerce applications are always available, from any location and at any time of day, regardless of demand.

"We push the Juniper equipment well beyond its specified limits but, in over three years, we haven’t even needed to reboot it. If we were to start the project over again, we wouldn’t change anything."
Donato Diaz IT Network Architect, Privalia