Homnicity redefines senior living with mobile masterplan

A popular senior-living concept is filling up residences throughout France. Real estate developer Homnicity offers enhanced connectivity, home automation, and Internet access that adapts as residents need more care and support.

Designed for independent, digitally connected seniors, all buildings are outfitted with advanced, high-performance Juniper wireless, driven by Mist AI. Home automation, Wi-Fi 6, and Internet of Things (IoT) work together to create smart, safe, connected homes.


Company Homnicity
Industry Real Estate
Products used AP43
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Residences fully equipped with Juniper wireless 


New residences to be equipped with Juniper wireless 


Juniper APs configured and deployed across multiple sites

3 to 5

Personal devices each senior resident owns in average


Create independent, safe environments for seniors

In the next decade, the French population aged 65 and over will continue to grow. Between 1971 to 2020, it increased from 13% to 20.8%. Reaching this life stage opens lots of opportunities and often a change in living spaces.

Homnicity has embraced this flourishing, affluent market and designed urban-friendly apartment buildings that are sustainable, scalable, and connected. To realize its vision, Homnicity needed a better kind of mobile connectivity.

The buildings will not have onsite tech support, so remote management and ease of use are critical. Another requirement is quick, simple Wi-Fi connectivity for all types of devices. In Homnicity’s intelligent and automated home, seniors’ future needs will be supported by clever connectivity.

Homnicity imagined network intelligence and automation to enable an environment where medical devices are connected and telehealth is never a problem. AI-driven Wi-Fi from Juniper delivered on all counts.

“Juniper Wi-Fi keeps our residents fully connected with IoT and automation that improves their everyday home life,” says Grégory Alborghetti, information systems director at Homnicity.

Homnicity Challenge

Intelligent home automation enabled by AI-driven networking

Homnicity’s promotional campaigns highlight the intelligent technologies integrated into each resident’s apartment. To offer an independent lifestyle that adapts to seniors’ changing needs, the network must be Wi-Fi 6-ready and have the flexibility to connect to a myriad of devices.

All new buildings include Juniper wireless, driven by Mist AI. Juniper Series High-Performance Access Points work with Juniper Mist Cloud services and Mist AI to deliver premier wireless access capabilities. Juniper AP43 Access Points deliver Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and are Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, with built-in patented virtual Bluetooth® LE for easy connectivity.

Exceptional network services give every resident perks from move-in day. A box in each room streamlines connections to laptops, phones, and tablets. Plus, it supports modern home automation rarely available in older buildings. Every resident has smart thermostats, lights, and blinds, plus motion sensors that light up at night—all enabled by Juniper wireless.

“Reliable Wi-Fi service that provides amazing digital experiences is critical for our residents and internal staff,” says Alborghetti. “Juniper’s hosted solution means we have all the tools we need to manage the networks remotely.”

Homnicity Solution

Mobile upgrades end DIY connectivity and Wi-Fi frustrations

Juniper makes it possible for Homnicity to provide intelligent home automation with personalized, comfort-focused living amenities. Deploying Juniper wireless has been simple and swift.

“Everything went fast. We assign five SSIDs per residence and use the multiple preshared key option for each resident; then preconfigured templates to onboard devices securely and easily,” says Alborghetti.

“It only took a few days to set up and test and validate the first building,” he continues. “Now, when we open a new residence, we call Juniper Mist APIs with a script, and it takes only a few minutes to configure and onboard the Aps and set-up the whole settings for a new residence”

Homnicity’s support staff has been impressed with the Mist portal. Diagnostic tools help the team troubleshoot poor connections and identify potential Wi-Fi issues before they impact residents.

“If a resident complains, we view the Wi-Fi connection remotely rather than taking a train to the site,” says Alborghetti. “We can debug and trace errors and identify if it’s a device problem or a network issue. We have everything we need to debug remotely, even if we are troubleshooting hours or days after the issue arose.”

Looking ahead, Juniper’s IoT-enabled Wi-Fi 6 APs will support residents’ future healthcare needs. As smart medical devices, such as oxygen tanks or blood pressure monitors with sensors, enter the market, they can connect to the Juniper  network and share information with healthcare teams. 

Homnicity Outcome
Grégory Alborghetti, Information Systems Director, Homnicity
“We are Wi-Fi 6 ready with Bluetooth so that we can connect new equipment to the network and provide an environment that lets residents enjoy a safe, independent lifestyle for as long as possible.”
Grégory Alborghetti Information Systems Director, Homnicity

Published January 2022