Blending Cloud and SDN to Accelerate New Service Delivery

Using SDN, cloud services, and a powerful data center switching platform, eBay Classifieds automates its processes for meeting disparate web site requirements worldwide.

eBay Classifieds hosts advertising for all its global businesses, facing unique requirements in each market. With cloud, SDN, and a powerful data center switching platform, it has slashed the time it takes to build and deploy a classified site from months to hours.


Company Ebay Classifieds Group
Industry Retail
Products used QFX SeriesQFX5100
Region Americas
"We use infrastructure-as-a-service to extend existing legacy platforms which are not on the cloud yet. And since our network was already MP-BGP L3VPN based, the network was already ‘virtualized’. Contrail allowed us to make this integration happen easily."
Maarten Moerman Manager of Network Engineering, eBay Classifieds Group

Business Challenge

eBay Classifieds sought to automate the process of building highly scalable virtual networks that could harness the cloud to activate new services, improve business response times, and increase revenue. It also required a solid physical switching infrastructure to power those processes and ensure reliability and instant response times.

Technology Solution

Juniper’s Contrail Networking and Contrail Cloud Platform allowed eBay Classifieds to automate the configuration and operation of IT resources needed by its various brands’ cloud applications. The Juniper QFX5100 data center switch uses automation to set up expansions to the environment with zero touch provisioning.

Business Results

eBay Classifieds can activate services faster and spin development environments up or down at will, instead of taking months. The company also no longer must physically dispatch personnel to its data centers to configure, re-patch, or remove servers; it accomplishes these tasks centrally using virtualization.

"Another reason we chose Juniper was that we found the hardware and the feature set to be more mature than those from the other vendors out there."
Maarten Moerman Manager of Network Engineering, eBay Classifieds Group