DNS Made Easy Sees 100% Uptime for 10 Years

Steven Job founded DNS Made Easy at a time when DNS was anything but easy. Fast forward and DNS Made Easy delivers the fastest, most reliable DNS to individuals, small businesses, and big-name customers. The DNS provider answers 800 billion queries every day and resolves a query in less than 30 milliseconds. The company is so confident in its service excellence that it offers customers a 500-percent back uptime guarantee.


Company DNS Made Easy
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX10004, MX10008, and MX10016 MX480MX240MX204EX4300Junos OS
Region Americas
DNS Made Easy Image
"Our network is the most reliable in the industry with a 10-year 100-percent uptime history, with the help of Juniper."
Steven Job Founder and CEO, DNS Made Easy

Business Challenge

DNS Made Easy was recently the target of the Fancy Bear hacker group, which launched a 500-Gbps DDoS attack—to no avail. The global network, built on a foundation of Juniper Networks MX Series Universal Routers, weathered the attack without a blip. “We knew we had enough capacity to handle our DNS traffic, and we could use the MX routers to squash the attack at line rate,” Job says. “Juniper kills it at line rate.”

The performance, reliability, and consistency of a Juniper network simplifies engineering and operations, enabling DNS Made Easy to focus on innovation and global expansion, rather than network maintenance tasks.