IaaS Startup Dedicated.com Goes Global with Juniper Networking

Dedicated.com, a privately held infrastructure services provider, launched in Los Angeles in 2013. One U.S. location has grown to six, and a global expansion is underway. Dedicated.com offers premium IaaS services and free DDoS protection—backed by 100 percent uptime guarantees.


Company Dedicated.com
Industry Cloud Provider
Products used MX480QFX5100
Region Americas
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Rapid business growth with high-performance infrastructure services


Uptime guarantee and no-cost DDoS protection


Service area nationally and internationally



Dedicated.com got its start when founder Robby Hicks was frustrated by his inability to find a high-quality hosting provider in Los Angeles for his gaming company. “Dedicated.com is built around providing the best infrastructure, best Internet connectivity, and the best facilities, combined into a single product,” says Hicks, president and CEO.

With widespread customer demand for high-quality IaaS services, Dedicated.com has expanded both nationally and internationally. In addition to data centers in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle, the company is expected to be operational in Montreal and London by the end of 2019.

To meet its customers’ exacting expectations and fuel its growth, Dedicated.com built a world-class network. Data centers are designed for business continuity and application acceleration. Its Private Network Access Point architecture connects customers to 11 major bandwidth suppliers. Patented technology provides intelligent route control, delivering the best possible performance.

The network is failsafe, with full redundancy from the customer to the core. The foundation is a Juniper network.

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The engineering simplicity of a Juniper network enables the Dedicated.com team to bring new customers up quickly and delivers operational efficiencies that impact the bottom line. The Juniper infrastructure works in perfect sync with Dedicated.com’s service orchestration portal so that when customers order new services, compute and networking are automatically provisioned.

“We’ve fully utilized the capabilities that Juniper provides,” says Matthew Nappo, COO at Dedicated.com. An operational advantage is that Juniper routing, switch, and security devices run Juniper Networks Junos OS. “We don’t have to learn new operating systems for each switch,” says Hicks. “Junos is the same across every platform.”

Dedicated.com uses Juniper’s MX480 5G Universal Routing Platform for its core network, and Juniper Networks QFX5100 Ethernet Switch and EX3300 Ethernet Switch for its data centers.

Cyberattacks are a pain point for any service provider, but especially so for Dedicated.com with its roots in gaming. To protect its customers’ experience, Dedicated.com offers realtime DDoS attack mitigation at no cost. “Our customers are constantly getting attacked, and we can stop it from happening,” says Nappo.

The MX480 routers work in concert with Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System to detect and mitigate attacks. MX Series routers send samples of incoming traffic to Corero, which instantly inspects every packet for a DDoS attack. If an attack is detected, Corero works with the routers to mitigate the threat. The Juniper routers filter traffic in real time, so legitimate traffic flows onto its destination without any performance degradation.

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As the company moves forward with new data centers in Montreal and London, the leadership team has no worries about infrastructure scalability. Dedicated.com expects a flood of new customers from industries like healthcare and finance that require companies to host their data locally.

“With a Juniper network, we can provide incredible experiences that aren’t available anywhere else,” says Hicks. “Juniper’s capacity, stability, and scalability are exactly what we need to help grow our customer base, gain new markets, and expand into new regions.”

Dedicated.com Outcome
"With a Juniper network, we can provide incredible experiences that aren’t available anywhere else."
Robby Hicks President and CEO, Dedicated.com
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Dedicated.com has experienced substantial expansion and growth in the past couple of years. To continue thriving and avoid halts in their journey, they've added Juniper technology and solutions to their recipe for success.

Published October 2019