Belgian Web Hosting Company Saves Time and Money by Automating Service Requests

Combell is obsessed with its customers, guaranteeing satisfaction or money back. It offers hosting, email, applications, and managed services with free support, day or night, and even on holidays. The rapidly growing company relies on Juniper networking to deliver digital services.


Company Combell
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX480QFX SeriesQFX10008 and QFX10016
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


On brand promise of reliable Web hosting for businesses 


Infrastructure to meet rapid growth


Of infrastructure provisioning is automated to deliver infrastructure services faster and at a lower cost



Combell hosts one-third of the websites in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and is planning for phenomenal growth as it expands across Europe. When the company launched in 1999, it offered basic website hosting and domain name registration. In 2019, Combell merged with TransIP and Register Group.

Combell operates 10 data centers throughout Europe and provides hosted Microsoft Office 365 and managed services such as private cloud, infrastructure services, dedicated connectivity, business continuity, and IT advisory services.

Delivering exceptional network performance and reliability is central to Combell’s customer promise. The company needed to ensure that it had a reliable, scalable network infrastructure to uphold its money-back guarantee while supporting rapid expansion. Combell switched to Juniper Networks to take advantage of the simplicity and sophistication of Juniper’s portfolio of solutions.

“We want to provide the fastest and most reliable performance available,” says Arne Van Theemsche, network and Linux system engineer at Combell.

Combell Challenge


Juniper Networks MX480 Universal Routing Platform forms the heart of Combell’s network core, providing reliable, high-performance connectivity between its 10 data centers. Within those data centers, Combell uses Juniper Networks QFX10000 and QFX5000 lines of Ethernet switches for a very dense, highly scalable core network. Juniper Networks EX4600 Ethernet Switches provide 10GbE top-of-rack switching.

Having an open, scalable infrastructure was critical, so Combell deployed the Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPNVXLAN) framework for agile, efficient connectivity within and across its data centers. EVPN/VXLAN decouples the physical underlay network from the virtual overlay, simplifying Layer 2/ Layer 3 connectivity between the servers deployed in Combell’s data centers while maintaining a consistent underlay architecture.

 The agility that comes with an open, scalable infrastructure has allowed the company to grow rapidly, both organically and by successfully migrating customers from its acquisitions to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. “The Juniper network has helped us support our recent mergers because we can scale our network more efficiently,” Van Theemsche says.

Junos OS, the network operating system that runs across all Juniper routing, switching, and security platforms to provide a One Junos Experience, enables Combell to easily automate network configurations and operations to provision infrastructure services with streamlined precision and greater efficiency. “Junos OS is really advanced,” Van Theemsche says. “Automation is really important for efficient growth, and we can easily integrate our automation based on Python and Ansible with Juniper’s APIs and libraries.”

Combell  Solution


“Before adding automation, the time between when a person made the network request and the provisioning could take anywhere between one and eight working hours,” Van Theemsche says. “Today, it takes about one minute. The time we save is quite a big win for us.”

Backed by its parent company, Combell aims to expand across Europe while maintaining its goal to be best-inclass and maintain its focus on customers. “We want to be a digital enabler for businesses, and we will continue to turn to the most advanced technologies available,” Van Theemsche says.

“We want to be known for using the best and most innovative technologies across our network.” With an open, scalable Juniper infrastructure, Combell and can uphold its promise to millions of customers.

Combell Outcome
Arne Van Theemsche, Network and Linux System Engineer, Combell
"The Juniper network is the glue to our whole story."
Arne Van Theemsche Network and Linux System Engineer, Combell

Published March 2020