Greenergy brings sustainable data center services to the Baltics

Greenergy Data Centers (GDC) offers organizations a new choice for sustainable digital transformation. GDC has built  the largest and most-energy efficient data center in the Baltics, with a target power usage effectiveness (PUE) lower than the goal set by the European Green Deal.

“We are opening a new sector for Estonia,” says Aivar Karu, CIO of GDC. “We are using renewable energy, our engineering skills, and climatic conditions to build the most energy-efficient, reliable, and secure data center in the Baltics.”

GDC relies on Juniper networking to support its business and data center operations.


Company Greenergy Data Centers
Industry Service Provider
Products used QFX5100EX4400vSRXAP43
Region EMEA
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Target PUE, lower than the European Green Deal goal


Square-meter data center facility


Purpose-built, large-scale data center in Estonia


Nordic climate allows for efficient free air cooling


Reduce the environmental impact of digital operations

GDC is the first large-scale data center in the Baltics, giving enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers a place to safely store their mission-critical data while minimizing their environmental footprint. 

The GDC data center is an impressive 14,500-square-meter, 31.5-megawatt facility. Multiple levels of physical security  keep customers’ data secure. Power and digital infrastructure systems with double and triple redundancy support highly reliable operations. 

Renewable energy sources and the cool Nordic climate lower energy consumption. Waste heat is used to warm GDC's offices and it also has the technical capacity to share excess heat to a district heating plant, which then could be used by residential and local buildings. 

GDC needed a network to support its data center operations that aligned with its sustainability values. 

“Our focus on sustainability extends to our choice of vendor partners,” says Karu. 

Greenergy Data Centers Challenge

Green to the core

GDC chose Juniper networking to support its business operations and data center infrastructure. Juniper is committed to a sustainable future, with a pledge to be carbon-neutral by 2025.

GDC uses Juniper QFX5100 Switches for its core network, the Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall for next-generation, virtualized firewall services, and the Juniper vMX Universal Routing Platform for carrier-grade, virtualized routing.

The Juniper network supports the data center’s integrated building and power management system, with thousands of telemetry sensors that facilitate the delivery of safe, reliable power. Hundreds of motion-activated, thermal cameras connect to the network in support of GDC's efforts to provide the highest levels of physical security.

GDC relies on Juniper for its access network. Juniper AP43 Access Points and Juniper EX4400 Switches deliver fast, reliable connectivity in its network operations center, day-use client offices, assembly rooms, and warehouse. Juniper cloud services, driven by Mist AI™, streamline and automation network operations.

Elisa Eesti, the Estonian telecom and digital services provider, selected and deployed the Juniper network for GDC.

Greenergy Data Centers Solution

Power digitalization, power change

“Our customers have a small ecological footprint for their data but enjoy the benefits of a secure, large-scale data center facility,” says Karu.

As the first data center of its kind in the Baltics, GDC can attract more technology-driven businesses to the region while minimizing the environmental impact of digitalization. Enterprise and government organizations can choose collocation, private suites, or, for maximum security, data vaults that are built into the area’s limestone.

Behind the scenes, a Juniper network supports GDC's business and data center operations.

“The best experience with any IT equipment is that we never have to touch it once it’s installed,” says Karu. “We haven’t had any trouble tickets with our Juniper equipment, and we know the door is open if we need help.”

Greenergy Data Centers Outcome
“As the largest and most energy-efficient data center in the Baltics, we look for vendor partners that also focus on sustainability. We chose Juniper due to its highly reliable networking and focus on sustainability.”
Aivar Karu CIO, Greenergy
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