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What is the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) and where can I find more information?

The Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) is a multi-tiered program of written and hands-on Lab exams. Our mission is to validate the Juniper skill set among the world’s leading networking professionals. For more information, visit the JNCP website.

Why should I earn a JNCP certification?

Distinction from peers and career growth are just the beginning. Becoming Juniper Networks certified demonstrates your solid understanding of networking technologies and the Juniper products used in your role as a networking professional. When surveyed, of those customers who are Juniper trained and certified:

  • 98% recognize greater benefits from their Juniper products.
  • 50% realize multiple areas of performance improvement in individual performance.
  • 80% of managers realize up to 40% improvements in the job performance in their certified engineers.

What are the JNCP certification levels?

The JNCP has four certification levels:

  • Associate level (JNCIA and JNCDA)
  • Specialist level (JNCIS and JNCDS)
  • Professional level (JNCIP)
  • Expert level (JNCIE)

Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)

What are the JNCP Certification Tracks?

The JNCP consists of Junos-based certification tracks, Design tracks and Product/Technology tracks. Access the JNCP Certification Tracks website for complete information on each track.

How do I know if I am required to earn a prerequisite certification?

  • Go to the Certification Tracks page and click on the appropriate track
  • Select the certification you are interested in
  • Check the ‘Exam Information’ column for prerequisite requirements

NOTE: Written exam may be taken in any order. Candidates are responsible for ensuring all prerequisite requirements are fulfilled.

Can prerequisite requirements be waived?

No, prerequisite requirements are not waived for any reason.


What is CertManager?

CertManager maintains all candidate exam and certification records. Access CertManager to:

  • View your certification progress and exam history
  • Download eCertificates and JNCP logos
  • Privately publish credentials for third party verification
  • Post digital credentials to social media sites
  • Update contact and demographic information

Click here to login to CertManager.

How do I create a CertManager account?

A CertManager account is automatically created once your JNCP Pearson VUE account has been set up. An email notification is sent containing instructions to activate your CertManager account once it has been created.

Why aren’t my recent exam results visible in CertManager?

Most results are available in CertManager within one to two business days. Allow five business days from the date of your exam for your results to import. An email notification is sent to the email address registered to your CertManager account once new exam results have imported. Check for your recent exam results under the ‘Exams’ section of your CertManager account. If your results are not available in CertManager within five business days of your exam, contact us at and include a copy of your recent Exam Score Report.

I have more than one CertManager account. How can they be merged?

Email us at and include all of your Certamanger IDs.

Where can I find my CertManager ID?

Your CertManager ID is located at the top of your CertManager account on the right side.

How can I update my contact and demographic information in CertManager?

Log into your CertManager account and click on ‘Demographics’ from the top navigation bar.

How can I update my name in CertManager if it is misspelled or incorrect?

Send an email to with a copy of your government-issued photo identification (I.D.).

NOTE: You may be turned away from testing t mat Pearson VUE if your name does not match your government-issued photo identification (I.D.)

What should I do if I forgot my CertManagerID and/or password?

Go to CertManager and select “Forgot your Password or CertManager ID?”

NOTE: If you are unable to recover your password or CertManager ID from here, email with a copy of your most recent Exam Score Report or your government-issued photo identification (I.D.).

How do I download my JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP or JNCIE eCertificates?

Login to your CertManager account and click on ‘Certifications’ from the top navigation bar. Click on the ‘eCertificate’ link next to each of your active certifications. eCertificates can only be downloaded for active JNCP certifications.

Why didn’t I receive my JNCP certificates in the mail?

In 2010 the JNCP introduced eCertficates allowing candidates to quickly and conveniently download and print eCertificates for active credentials a few days after earning them. Previously, candidates waited 6-8 weeks to receive their certificates in the mail.

How do I download JNCP logos from CertManager?

Login to your CertManager account and click on ‘Certifications’ from the top navigation bar. Click on the ‘logo’ link next to each of your active certifications. JNCP logos can only be downloaded for active certifications. Logos are generic to certification levels (Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert).

How do I send verification of my JNCP credential(s) to a third party?

There are two options to securely share your credential that also provide trusted verification for third-parties. Credentials can only be published and posted for active JNCP certifications.

    1. Login to your CertManager account and click on ‘Certifications’ from the top navigation bar. Click on the ‘Digital Credential’ link at the top of the page to go to your Acclaim account where you can post your digital credential to various social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    NOTE: Digital credentials posted on social media contain a secure link allowing third-parties, including current and potential employers, to verify your credential with one click.

    2. Login to your CertManager account and click on ‘Publish Credentials’ from the top navigation bar in order to create a transcript where you select exactly what information about your credential you want to share. You can then send an email notification to any party with a secure link allowing them to verify your credential information.

What is the difference between CertManager, the Learning Portal and the Learning Academy?

  • CertManager allows all JNCP certification holders to view their certification progress and exam history, download eCertificates and JNCP logos, publish credentials for third party verification and update demographic information for JNCP and Education related communications.
  • Visit the Learning Portal to register for classes, take web-based training, access the Fast Track Portal, Practice tests and purchase Junosphere.
  • The Learning Academy is an online learning center designed to provide channel partners with sustainable and valuable sales and technical curriculum in a variety of on-demand formats including webcasts, videos, virtual labs and online testing. Synchronize your CertManager and Learning Academy accounts to receive partner compliance recognition for your technical certifications.


Where can I find recertification information?

All JNCP recertification details can be found on the Recertification page.

What are the JNCP certification statuses?

Juniper Networks certifications have two certification statuses:



Three Years

  • Eligible for benefits
  • Can be recertified from current level
  • Can be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements
  • Can be used to qualify for lab exams on the same track
  • Qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements


At the end of the active status

  • Cannot be recertified from the current level
  • Candidates with an expired certification must start over at the beginning of the track and re-earn each certification in that track
  • NOT eligible for benefits
  • Cannot be used to fulfill any prerequisite requirements
  • Cannot be used to qualify for lab exams in the same track
  • Do not qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements

Access the JNCP Recertification page for more information.

Fast Track Program

What is the Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track program offers free online study guides and pre-assessment exams for the JNCIA-Junos, JNCIS-SP, JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SEC supporting certification exams. Everyone is eligible to participate. Earn up to four 50% discounted vouchers by passing the pre-assessment exams! Click here to access the Fast Track Portal.

How do I earn vouchers in the Fast Track Portal and what are the limitations?

Earn up to four 50% discounted vouchers by passing pre-assessment exams in the Fast Track Portal!

  • Voucher earned upon passing pre-assessment exam
  • Unlimited number of retakes until pre-assessment exam is passed
  • Pre-assessment exam cannot be retaken once passed
  • Limit four vouchers per person, one for each passed pre-assessment exam
  • Vouchers valid for 90 days from the date earned
  • No vouchers earned after passing Practice Tests

The pre-assessment exam will not launch. What should I do?

Disable all pop-up blockers and attempt to launch the pre-assessment exam again. If you continue experiencing problems, open a Learning Portal Support Ticket.

Pearson VUE

Who is Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE provides a full suite of services from test development to data management and is widely known as a leading provider of global computer-based testing solutions for information technology, academic, government, and professional testing programs. They deliver exams through the worlds most comprehensive and secure network of test centers in more than 165 countries. Pearson VUE is a business of Pearson (NYSE: PSO; LSE: PSON), the international education and information company.

Does Pearson VUE offer all Juniper Networks written certification exams?


What is the candidate admissions process when taking an exam at Pearson VUE?

Candidates must create a JNCP Pearson VUE testing account and register for the exam. Candidates must present a valid government issued photo identification to be admitted into the exam room. Testing requirements at Pearson VUE include providing a digital signature and photograph at the time of admission into a test center. In addition, the photograph taken during this process will appear on your printed score report. This enhanced security contributes to our efforts to promote and protect the value of your Juniper Networks certification.

Can Pearson VUE sites accommodate candidates with special needs?

Yes, Pearson VUE and Juniper Networks allow accommodations for candidates who are identified as having special needs. If you need additional time to complete your exam or another accommodation, please contact the JNCP office at Once your accommodations are approved by Juniper, please contact the Pearson VUE Accommodations and Exception Scheduling team at: 1-800-466-0450.

Exam Registration

How do I schedule a JNCP exam at Pearson VUE?

Appointments can be made in advance or on the day you want to test, subject to availability. Pearson VUE offers a variety of scheduling options including online scheduling, scheduling by phone and scheduling directly through the test center. Go to the Juniper Networks exam registration page for details.

The Pearson VUE testing network is extensive with more than 5,000 testing centers in more than 165 countries. Use the Test Center Locator  to find your local Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center. If there is not one located within 100 miles/161 km contact us at

NOTE: If you have taken a JNCP exam before, have your CertManager ID available when registering at Pearson VUE as this will also be your Pearson VUE ID number.

How do I register for a JNCIE Lab Exam?

Register for JNCIE Lab Exams by visiting the JNCP Lab Exam Scheduling website.

What is the JNCP Exam Retake policy?

  • Candidates who fail their first attempt at an exam can retake it at any time
  • After the second failed attempt, and before any subsequent attempts, candidates must wait a period of 14 calendar days before retaking the same exam
  • After passing an exam candidates must wait at least 18 months before retaking the exam, which is generally for recertification purposes

Visit the written recertification policies page for more information.


What are the different ways to earn and purchase vouchers?

  • Earn 50% discounted vouchers for the JNCIA-Junos, JNCIS-SP, JNCIS-SEC and JNCIS-ENT supporting exams from the Fast Track Portal
  • Click here to purchase JNCIE Lab Exam vouchers at full price
  • Click here to purchase JNCP written exam vouchers at full price from Pearson VUE

How do I know when my voucher expires?

  • Vouchers earned through the Fast Track Program are valid for 90 days from the date earned
  • Vouchers purchased from Pearson VUE are valid for 6 months from the issued date, unless otherwise specified
  • Vouchers purchased for JNCIE Lab Exams are valid for 12 months from the issued date, unless otherwise specified
  • Promotional vouchers are subject to the validity period defined in the promotion

Can I take my exam after my vouchers expiration date if I schedule it in advance?

No. You must take your exam before your vouchers expiration date.

Certification Study Resources

Is there recommended training for each JNCP certification?

Yes. All JNCP certifications have recommended preparation resources. Recommended training is listed with the exam information under each specific certification. To find recommended training for a specific certification, visit the JNCP Certification Tracks page and choose a specific track. You can also find training and study materials for a specific certification on the JNCP Resources website. There are also many useful discussions on the Training, Certification and Career J-Net Forum.

Are there any study materials for the Junos JNCIP and JNCIE exams?

Yes. In addition to what is listed on the JNCP Certification Tracks and Resources websites, several JNCIE’s participated in a JNCP webcast entitled ‘How to Prepare for the New Junos JNCIP and JNCIE Exams’. You can access the Webcast J-Net post with the webcast presentation, FAQ and replay information. This is an excellent source when studying for these advanced-level exams.

Is there a Juniper simulator?

Juniper does not have a ‘simulator’ in the traditional sense. However, Junosphere can provide what you are looking for in the Service Provider Routing and Switching Track. Junosphere is a virtual Junos environment that enables the creation and operation of elements and networks using the Juniper Networks Junos operating system. For detailed information, please access the Junosphere website.

What are Juniper Learning Bytes?

Juniper Learning Bytes are tips and instructions that provide quick answers, clarity, and insight into specific features and functions of Juniper technologies. Designed for immediate impact and taught by subject-matter experts, these bytes will assist you in becoming more proficient in managing your network of Juniper hardware and software. Click here to view all of the Juniper Learning Bytes.

More Information

If I have additional questions, whom may I contact?

If you did not find the answer to your question, contact the JNCP Team at