Technology advancements in healthcare continue to rapidly transform the industry; enabling improved patient care, streamlined operations, and easier access to actionable information. Yet, these advancements are also requiring your IT teams to maintain a delicate balance between industry trends and new challenges brought on by these trends.

Your healthcare IT team must be able to mitigate challenges while still providing intelligent solutions that support a patient-centric approach.

Join our Global Healthcare Summit where our panel of experts will discuss key challenges facing the industry today and reveal best practices for leveraging AI-driven technologies that will help you achieve network simplicity and resiliency.

Meet the speakers

Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts


Healthcare Practice Leader

Juniper Networks

Philip Keeley
Philip Keeley


Senior Product Manager

Juniper Networks

Kevin Brew

Kevin Brew


Network Architect

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

Reinoud Reynders

Reinoud Reynders


IT Manager and Infasture Operations

UZ Leuven in Belgium


EMEA Virtual Healthcare Summit: Harnessing the Power of AI for Transformative Healthcare Experiences

14:00 GMT - Welcome and Introductions
Matt Roberts, Healthcare Practice Leader, Juniper Networks

Welcome, healthcare market trends, new wins and use cases. 

14:05 GMT - Blueprint for an AI Driven Healthcare Network
Matt Roberts, Healthcare Practice Leader, Juniper Networks

The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, and technological advancements play a crucial role in driving this change. In this keynote session, we will look at how AI-driven networking is reshaping the healthcare landscape. You will discover how network innovation is empowering healthcare services and operations and improving experiences for providers, clinicians, and patients in this new era of healthcare excellence. 

14:25GMT - Healthcare Customer Panel
Engage in our healthcare customer panel and gain insights from fellow IT peers, discussing network challenges, successful implementations, and innovative solutions for creating a connected and efficient environment

14:55 GMT - AI-Driven Healthcare Demo
Philip Keely, Senior Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Join our live demo to see how our wireless solution can help you build your network for the next decade while driving better end-user experiences across your wired and wireless network.

15:25 GMT - Key Closing Takeaways & Q&A
Matt Roberts, Healthcare Practice Leader, Juniper Networks

We will summarise the key points and learnings from this session

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