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IBM and Juniper Networks provide innovative networking, security solutions and services to a variety of customers. Together, IBM and Juniper are helping customers build the best networks to realize the power of a Smarter Planet. The IBM-Juniper relationship spans technology development, product sales, service, and OEM.

“With Juniper’s Ethernet technologies added to our data center portfolio, IBM is able to offer customers more choice and flexibility in their networking solutions to address the growing demands being placed on their IT environments.”

Jim Comfort, IBM General Manager, IBM Smart Cloud Services


Information Technology (IT) is undergoing a transformation. Is your network keeping pace? Data is being gathered at a staggering rate and leveraged in ways unimaginable only a few years ago. Healthcare is more personalized and effective. Smart electric grids heal themselves. Retailers analyze shopper behavior to delight their customers. Digital learning is transforming education at every level. New perspectives, new ways of working, and new solutions are leading to new discoveries and unleashing a wealth of innovation.

IBM-Juniper Strategic Alliance

IBM and Juniper Networks are working together to help customers build the best IT infrastructures to realize the power of a Smarter Planet. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and intelligent, the connection points-the network-must deliver new levels of performance, reliability, and security.

The IBM-Juniper Strategic Alliance has been proven over many years. The partnership leverages complementary skill sets, collaborative innovation, and a demonstrated commitment to open, robust networking and security solutions. The IBM-Juniper relationship spans joint technology development, product sales, service, and OEM. The Alliance covers the entire Juniper portfolio and all divisions at IBM.

The results of the Juniper-IBM Alliance are measurable-innovative solutions for next-generation data centers, cloud computing, software defined networking, mobility, strategic outsourcing, and more. The relationship is multi-dimensional, including:

Together, IBM and Juniper are working together to help customers build their best networks, with solutions that are innovative, scalable, and smarter. Together, we can build a Smarter Planet.

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Get dramatic improvements in data center performance, operating costs, and business agility for your virtualized applications, big data environment, or cloud-ready data centers. IBM and Juniper Networks can help organizations transform current data centers or build new facilities that will take advantage of Juniper QFabric Systems, the industry’s most scalable, high performance fabric switching solution.

QFabric System is the ideal network foundation for cloud-ready, virtualized data centers. QFabric System provides high-performance, any-to-any connectivity and management simplicity in the data center. QFabric System flattens the entire data center network to a single tier, enabling wire-speed performance on all ports and supporting support large-scale, virtual server deployments. IBM and Juniper collaborated on the silicon development that resulted in Juniper's groundbreaking QFabric System.

Integrated Computing Platform

IBM PureSystems is a new category of systems that combines software, hardware, and integrated expertise into one highly automated and secure, simple-to-manage machine. Juniper was among the first group of IBM Business Partners to conduct validation testing with PureSystems. The QFX3500 10GbE switch and vGW Virtual Gateway security solution were tested for interoperability and validated for the IBM PureFlex System. With IBM PureSystems family and Juniper QFabric and vGW Virtual Gateway, customers can move to the cloud without compromising performance, scale, and security.

Simplify Integration with Bundled Solutions

Customers can build an open and flexible data center with Juniper QFabric Architecture for IBM FlexSystem, a bundled integrated solution that brings together best-in-class IBM FlexSystem components with QFabric System, into a single part number. Implementing a data center network fabric with Juniper QFabric System will enable improvements in speed, scale and efficiency and remove legacy barriers, paving the way for greater business agility.

Customers can also leverage Juniper QFX3500 Switch as a standalone 10GbE to-of-rack switch or as a connection point into QFabric System.


Read more about how IBM Research uses QFabric for their Accelerated Discovery Lab to help clients leverage Big Data analytics tools to gain insight and understanding from massive data sets.

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The cloud is unlocking the value of IT, fueling new levels of innovation, and reducing IT complexity and cost. Build a smarter cloud, and deploy applications faster, scale infrastructure more easily, and be a nimble competitor. Whether a private cloud, a public cloud, or a hybrid, the network is the vital link between your users and the cloud services.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Controlling the cloud and deploying virtual resources as needed is critical to implementing cloud infrastructure. When Juniper launched its Contrail SDN solution, IBM was one of the technology launch partners. Together, we integrated Contrail with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator (SCO). IBM Vice President Dr. Angel Diaz presented at the launch event and blogged about the announcement. This integration helps customers manage and deploy applications in cloud environments in a matter of minutes.

Cloud-Ready Data Centers

With IBM and Juniper, you can build the best cloud-ready, virtualized data centers. IBM is a recognized leader in cloud computing, and Juniper’s network and security solutions deliver the performance and scalability for large-scale cloud services. Enterprises and service providers can get their data centers ready for the cloud by increasing data center security and efficiencies, achieve economies of scale, improve agility, and accelerate the secure delivery of IT services at a lower cost.

Deliver Innovative Cloud Services

Develop and deliver innovative cloud services and drive profitable revenue growth with IBM and Juniper solutions.

  • IBM PureSystem - Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the IT lifecycle, reducing cost, saving time, and speeding innovation. IBM PureFlex System provides an integrated computing environment, combining servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single offering. Both Juniper QFabric System and Juniper vGW Virtual Gateway have been validated for IBM PureFlex Systems.
  • Juniper QFabric Architecture for IBM Flex System - Customers implementing virtualized application environments, big data, or cloud infrastructures in their own data centers can use the combination of Juniper QFX3500 Switch with IBM Flex System compute, storage, and management components. Working with Arrow Electronics, this converged infrastructure bundle is packaged as the Juniper Networks QFabric Architecture for IBM Flex Systems. Available currently in the USA and UKI, this integrated data center solution bundle offers an open, flexible, client-tuned experience.
  • IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform - CSP2 enables cloud service providers to offer market-leading cloud services quickly and easily. Juniper provides the networking infrastructure included in IBM CSP2. Juniper networking and security products are also used in IBM’s own Cloud Data Centers around the world.


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Data Center

More applications, more users, and more services. The massive volumes of data essential for business today demand a fast, reliable, and secure network to connect systems in the data center and to connect multiple data centers into a seamless, dynamic infrastructure. With IBM and Juniper, customers can transform their data center networks to optimize performance, simplify operations, and reduce costs.

High-Performance Data Center Fabrics

With IBM and Juniper, customers can build smarter data centers with better economics. Customers can reduce complexity and empower innovation by using an intelligent network fabric to connect servers and storage. Customers can accelerate innovation with cloud-ready data centers.

Juniper QFabric System delivers record-breaking performance and breath-taking simplicity for networking the data center. Customers can use QFabric System to build virtual data center networks that are easy to deploy and maintain.

Read more about how IBM Research uses QFabric for their Accelerated Discovery Lab to help clients leverage Big Data analytics tools to gain insight and understanding from massive data sets.

Seamless Data Center Interconnections

A smarter planet is more instrumented, more intelligent, and more interconnected. That means data centers must be interconnected with networks that support new levels of agility and flexibility. The WAN must scale to deliver new levels of performance, resilience, and security while delivering a low cost of operations.

Enabling advanced virtualization and workload mobility enables organizations to better balance computing workloads across multiple data centers and achieve business continuity requirements. Juniper MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers deliver the high performance and carrier-class reliability that is essential for data center interconnect. MX Series Routers support workload mobility, data replication, converged data and storage networks, and protect data center operations from network disruptions.


Learn why QFabric is a major breakthrough in the data center


The sophistication and volume of external attacks continues to spiral upward, and careless or disgruntled employees can pose an even greater threat to your organization’s most sensitive information. Data loss can mean stiff regulatory fines, loss of competitive advantage, and lasting damage to customer loyalty. Protecting data while providing secure access to users-who are increasingly mobile-has never been more challenging.

Best-of-Breed Protection

IBM and Juniper, recognized leaders in information security, are working together to help customers protect sensitive information, systems and networks. IBM leverages Juniper’s complete security portfolio to provide customers with best-of-breed solutions.

Protect Data Centers and Branch Offices

IBM customers can protect their data center and office IT environments with Juniper SRX Security Gateways. IBM offers professional services to configure, deploy, and manage SRX Gateways. SRX Series Services Gateways are high-performance security, routing, and network solutions for enterprises and data centers. SRX Series gateways are based on Junos, Juniper's proven operating system which delivers security and advanced protection services.


Learn more about using SRX Series gateways to secure data centers and branch offices
Learn more about data center security with SRX Series gateways [ 731 KB ]

Technical Support

Enable a secure, high-performance IT infrastructure with round the clock support. Speed network problem resolution and control maintenance costs with proactive support. IBM Managed Maintenance Service (MMS) provides remote and onsite maintenance for Juniper Networks devices in your network. Juniper Junos Space Service Now provides automated troubleshooting, when coupled with the expertise of IBM technicians, works to increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost of network maintenance.

MMS is available globally and is delivered by IBM’s highly skilled Juniper-certified personnel. IBM support centers in North America, EMEA, and APAC are equipped with Juniper labs staff prepared for problem resolution and troubleshooting. MMS is co-delivered by IBM and Juniper, with IBM performing level 1 and level 2 troubleshooting and Juniper providing level 3 support.

IBM MMS mirrors Juniper Care service level options with IBM value-add including:

  • Multivendor support - clients receive consolidated, single point of call and accountability for maintenance in the networking environment
  • Unique ability to support multinational companies
  • Entitlement and inventory management
  • IBM on-site services
  • Procurement and staging services
  • Options for multiyear agreements, discounting, and IBM Financing
  • Additional services, including managed security services and IBM Delivery Project Management
  • Identify all items covered under warranty, length of warranty and any extended coverage periods

In addition, IBM offers a full range of capabilities for Juniper including network assessment, analysis, design, and implementation and monitoring.


To learn more, please visit the Juniper Networks Support Center
IBM Managed Maintenance Services for Juniper products