SEMrush Searches Out Automated Juniper Infrastructure for Rapid Innovation


Company SEMrush
Industry SaaS Services
Products used QFX10008 and QFX10016QFX5120MX10003
Region Americas
Two SEMrush engineers working on a laptop to facilitate automated data center network operations with Juniper equipment.
"We need to move even faster. We can’t afford for our developers to wait a day or a week for a ticket to be closed. With our self-service infrastructure approach, they can make changes and move ahead."
Stepan Shirokikh VP of Infrastructure, SEMrush

Business Challenge

To empower developers with self-service infrastructure, SEMrush chose Juniper routing, switching, and orchestration. A building-block approach with a Juniper IP fabric at the core delivers simplicity. Automating infrastructure changes helps keep SEMrush nimble and able to react quickly to customer needs and market dynamics. Tasks like creating a new VLAN take less than five minutes. Overall, the company reduced OpEx significantly by building its own data center using Juniper switching.