Commercial Real Estate Giant Hartz Mountain Simplifies Networking from Edge to Core

Hartz Mountain Industries is the largest private owner of industrial buildings in the U.S. With deep roots in the New York area, the company is a major player in commercial real estate, multifamily rental real estate, hospitality, and finance. It chose Juniper as its strategic network vendor.


Company Hartz Mountain Industries
Industry Real Estate
Products used QFX5120EX3400
Region Americas
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Data center to easily support real estate and financial investments, property management, and hotel operations 


Network engineering and operations with open, scalable IP fabric 


The ability to easily migrate to a future data center


Hartz Mountain owns 260 properties, including offices, warehouses, data centers, hotels, parking garages, and multifamily rental units. Its real estate holdings span New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and North Carolina.

The real estate investment giant wanted to modernize its data center to support its diverse business operations. However, the company was also exploring a headquarters relocation. As a transition plan, David Kadonaga, manager of networking and security services at Hartz Mountain wanted to refresh the disaster recovery site to serve as the primary data center, and then once the move was final, swing the users and applications over to a brand-new data center.

To execute the plan, Kadonaga needed an agile network foundation that would ensure an efficient data center refresh and, ultimately, a smooth transition to a new facility.

Hartz Mountain Industries Challenge

Hartz Mountain chose Juniper to power its data center network. Agility and flexibility are key to supporting a diverse set of applications and services for real estate investment and management, hotel operations, and even energy generation.

The data center leverages Ethernet VPN (EVPN)/Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) as the IP fabric underlay and supports efficient Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity with scale, simplicity, and flexibility. With EVPN/VXLAN, the company can easily extend its Layer 2 networks to other sites. And, using the 25GbE/100GbE fixed-configuration QFX5120 Ethernet Switch for the network fabric, the network ensures separation of traffic from its diverse business operations.

When it comes time to move users and applications to the new data center, the migration will be straightforward. “With the EVPN/VXLAN design, we can easily connect our data center to another location,” Kadonaga says.

The company is now deploying the Juniper Networks EX3400 Ethernet Switch in a Virtual Chassis configuration for costeffective campus access switching in its offices. Virtual Chassis technology enables IT to manage multiple interconnected EX Series Ethernet Switches as a single logical device, simplifying network operations.

Hartz Mountain Industries Solution

Having a Juniper network has simplified operations from Hartz Mountain offices to its refreshed data center. Designed for reliability, security, and flexibility, the Junos operating system powers Juniper networking and security products.

“Junos gives me incredible flexibility,” Kadonaga says.

“Change control is a lot easier with Juniper,” Kadonaga continues. “I really like the ability to commit and roll back changes with Junos. I can verify the configuration is right and that I didn’t fat-finger it.” J-Flow, a feature that allows users to collect IP traffic flow statistics, ensures that Kadonaga can deliver a consistently exceptional experience for employees.

“J-Flow gives us more visibility into our infrastructure and at the application level,” he says. “That visibility is key to delivering a great user experience.”

Kadonaga plans to continue deploying Juniper networking across Hartz Mountain corporate offices and real estate properties. The engineering simplicity and operational efficiency of a Juniper network allows Kadonaga to turn his attention to strategic technology initiatives that drive business value, rather than routine network operations and maintenance.

As technology advances and Hartz Mountain’s business priorities evolve, Kadonaga knows he can count on Juniper as a strategic network partner. “Juniper has a great team and provides fantastic resources,” Kadonaga says. “Junos gives me incredible flexibility.”

Hartz Mountain Industries outcome
"With the EVPN-VXLAN design, we can easily connect our data center to another location."
David Kadonaga Manager of Networking and Security Services, Hartz Mountain Industries

Published March 2020