CentriLogic Helps Businesses Speed Digital Transformation

One unexpected consequence of COVID-19 has been the acceleration of digital transformation, and that shift has positioned CentriLogic to thrive. A rapidly growing managed IT solution provider, CentriLogic chose Juniper routing and switching for the foundation of its global IT service delivery. 


Company CentriLogic
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX204QFX5110QFX5120EX4300
Region Americas
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highly reliable managed IT services to midsized businesses over a global network 


Business agility with flexible infrastructure service delivery 


The foundation for network automation and additional operational efficiency



The private equity-backed CentriLogic has grown rapidly by acquisition, with customer demand for its advisory, cloud, application management, and infrastructure services accelerated by digital transformation priorities. The provider operates 10 data centers in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

Waqas Siddiqui joined CentriLogic as director of network engineering to drive infrastructure transformation after a series of acquisitions. Rationalizing and standardizing the IT infrastructure would allow CentriLogic to deliver more value to customers and investors by bringing greater reliability, simplicity, and efficiency to IT service delivery.

“We wanted to standardize our infrastructure,” Siddiqui says. “We were ready for the next-generation of infrastructure.” CentriLogic’s engineering team is deeply experienced across the spectrum of network vendors. After a thorough evaluation, CentriLogic chose Juniper for its carrier-grade wide-area and data center networks.

“Juniper had an advantage when it came to platform capabilities, technology, and speed,” notes Siddiqui. “Juniper was everything that we were looking for.”

As a smaller company, we can move very quickly and be more nimble to customer requests,” Siddiqui says. “We can accommodate special requests, such as provisioning large amounts of bandwidth in a matter of days, whereas a larger provider wouldn’t be able to act so quickly.”

CentriLogic Challenge


CentriLogic uses Juniper’s MX204 Universal Routing Platform to connect its data centers in Canada and the U.S. The MX204 router provides ultra-high 10GbE/100GbE density in a compact, space- and power-efficient form factor.

“The MX204 stands out,” Siddiqui says. “In my opinion, there is no competition for this product. Its services and cost-per-bit are second to none.” The new carrier-grade MPLS network, based on Juniper routing, improved network performance and resiliency, as well as streamlined always-on services delivery to customers. Outages and unpredictable response times that once impacted customers are a thing of the past.

“Before, we have had some weird things happen that caused us to lose fiber connectivity,” admits Siddiqui. “When it happened, the failover of the previous routers could take 30 or 40 minutes. Now with Juniper, we have a more resilient network. The MX204 has a massive BGP table, and if we have an issue, the failover will occur significantly faster, which is impressive because of its price point.”

CentriLogic uses Juniper switching for the core network at five data centers in Canada and other points of presence. An IP fabric architecture collapses the data center network into a two-tier spine-and-leaf architecture that’s ideal for CentriLogic’s large-scale environment. The IP fabric provides high resiliency and low latency across the network. CentriLogic uses Juniper Networks QFX5100 Ethernet Switch and QFX5120 Ethernet Switch for the IP fabric, and Juniper Networks EX4300 Ethernet Switch for the server farm.

As the overlay network, Ethernet VPN (EVPN)-Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) sits on top of the IP fabric, extending and interconnecting Layer 2 data center domains. The result is greater scale, simplicity, and agility.

CentriLogic Solution


CentriLogic has laid the foundation for network automation to deliver continued efficiency as its business grows. “Now that we have a consistent infrastructure, automation is our next priority,” Siddiqui explains. “Automation fits in with our ‘do more with less’ philosophy.”

CentriLogic can be confident that Juniper will continue to be a trusted strong partner as the company helps its own customers embrace cloud and managed services so they can be nimbler in an unpredictable world.

“Working with the Juniper team has been a pleasure,” Siddiqui says.

CentriLogic Outcome
"Juniper is at the heart of our network modernization program."
Waqas Siddiqui Director of Network Engineering, CentriLogic

Published September 2020