AI-Native Network is the right medicine for UZ Leuven

People come to UZ Leuven, one of the best University hospitals in Europe and Belgium’s largest, for specialized, patient-centered care and innovative treatments. In a typical year, UZ Leuven performs 776,000 consultations, admits 186,000 patients to its hospital, and does 58,000 surgical procedures.

UZ Leuven is upgrading to Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform to deliver exceptional digital experiences to clinicians, patients, and visitors, simplify hospital asset tracking, and streamline IT operations.


Company UZ Leuven
Industry Healthcare
Products used Wireless Access PointsWireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceMarvis VNAUser EngagementAsset VisibilityJuniper Mist IoT AssuranceEdge
Region EMEA
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Hospital in Europe and the best hospital in Belgium (Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals, 2024)


Consultations a year


Assures that every Wi-Fi connection is reliable, measurable, and secure


Secure onboarding and tracking of wirelessly connected biomedical devices


A prescription for network simplicity

UZ Leuven’s main campus in Gasthuisberg, Belgium is vast, covering nearly a square mile and home to the academic hospital, research labs, and surgical training center. Like many hospitals, its wireless network had grown organically over time, and increasing complexity constricting agility. UZ Leuven wanted to upgrade its network to provide fast, reliable connectivity to support patient care and provide its biomedical team with a simpler way to securely connect smart medical devices.

UZ Leuven also wanted to streamline operations for the network engineering team. “We had several different generations of wireless LAN controller software, and we needed to do ‘big bang’ upgrades, which was not ideal for operations,” says Thomas Noppe, Team Lead IT at UZ Leuven.

The hospital wanted to make equipment tracking and asset management easier as its needs grew. It had long used its wireless network to track high value assets, but it wanted to expand its asset tracking and include smaller equipment without the cost and maintenance associated with physical Wi-Fi tags. A wireless network with integrated support for virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) would reduce the cost and complexity of asset tracking.

UZ Leuven Challenge

AI-Native Network makes every connection count

UZ Leuven chose Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform for its ability to deliver leading AI for IT operations (AIOps) that assure exceptional digital experiences for clinicians, administrators, patients, and guests. With more than nine years of reinforced learning in a microservices cloud, the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform provides assurance that every device, user, and application that connects to the network has a flawless experience that is consistent, reliable and secure.

Biomedical devices can be onboarded easily using the Juniper Mist IoT Assurance service, which uses Multiple Pre-Shared Key (MPSK), a new type of identity and policy vector for MAC-less and NAC-less authentication.

Automation and AI-Native features in Juniper Wireless (Wi-Fi) Assurance, Wired Assurance, and Marvis VNA accelerated the phased deployment of the new network and allows the network team to provide proactive and faster troubleshooting in support of optimal user experiences. The Juniper Mist Edge solution extends select microservices to UZ Leuven’s campus, allowing network management to be split between the cloud and the on-premises network.

UZ Leuven Solution

Put clinician, patient, and IT experiences first

UZ Leuven first deployed the Juniper AI-Native Network across its medical offices, pharmacy, kitchen, logistics, and other non-clinical areas. With the reliability and performance proven, the hospital’s next step is to roll out the AI-Native Network in clinical areas. “With Juniper, we can deploy the new access points during the day without disruption to the users,” says Noppe.

AIOps provides insights and automated actions that deliver a continuously assured experience for clinicians, staff, patients, and visitors, and frees up the IT team to focus on strategic work. The biomedical team can now onboard new connected medical devices quickly and securely, without the intervention of the IT team.

“The Juniper Mist portal is really intuitive,” says Noppe. “We can easily identify if a client or AP is having a problem, correlate the data to quickly diagnose problems, which reduces mean time to resolution.”

For UZ Leuven, a Juniper network delivers real business results beyond exceptional user and operator experiences. With the vBLE technology integrated into Juniper Access Points and Indoor Location Services for asset tracking, Belgium’s largest university hospital can locate medical equipment to support the delivery of timely, patient-centered care and speed up preventative maintenance.

UZ Leuven Outcome
“Our first-line support and biomedical teams can use the Marvis virtual network assistant to diagnose and resolve a problem quickly.”
Thomas Noppe Team Lead IT, UZ Leuven

Published June 2024