AI-Native Network elevates learning for 26,500 learners in Aberdeen

Aberdeen offers residents the full package of breathtaking nature and fast-paced urban living. Surrounded by the North Sea and a national park, Scotland’s third largest city is attracting new businesses and residents.

To keep pace, the city council is transforming its schools with digital learning. It relies on the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform to assure exceptional learning experiences to learners, faculty, and staff while streamlining IT operations.


Company Aberdeen City Council
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used Wireless Access PointsEX SeriesWireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired AssuranceMarvis VNA
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Reduction in network-related trouble tickets to our service desk


Wi-Fi coverage and capacity with no increase in power usage over old equipment


Minutes downtime to deploy new Juniper switches and Wi-Fi at a primary school


Learners, educators, and staff use the Juniper network


Meet the one-student, one-device mandate

A national goal to provide every student with a mobile device and Wi-Fi connectivity put Aberdeen City Council on a path to a network refresh. Its schools had older wireless networks that lacked the capacity and coverage to support 1:1 learning for 26,500 learners.

“We knew that having more devices connected to our legacy network might present challenges for learners, staff, and the IT team,” said council Infrastructure Architect Iain Pilbeam-Cornfield. “We wanted to move to Wi-Fi 6/6E to support a higher device density and take a cloud-first and AIOps approach to simplify network operations.”

The IT team also wanted to strengthen security, working toward Zero Trust network access controls for both school-issued and personal devices, as well as the ability to integrate with other apps like ServiceNow to further streamline operations. It conducted an extensive evaluation and testing to determine the right fit wired and wireless network.

Aberdeen City Council Challenge

AI-Native Network delivers consistent performance

Aberdeen City Council chose the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform for its ability to deliver industry-leading AI for IT operations (AIOps) that assures exceptional digital experiences at its 67 schools and 75 corporate sites. With more than nine years of reinforced learning in a microservices cloud, the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform ensures that every connection performs exceptionally.

Juniper AP34 Wireless Access Points deliver high-performance Wi-Fi 6/6E in classrooms and school buildings while Juniper AP45 Wireless Access Points provide fast, reliable connectivity outdoors. Juniper EX4650, EX4400, and EX4100 Switches are used for the core and access switching. Juniper Mist Access Assurance enforces Zero Trust network access controls for school-issued, BYOD, and guest devices. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant provides insight and automated actions to speed troubleshooting and operations.

The IT team used Juniper Mist cloud to onboard, configure, and manage the campus fabric. With automation, the team can migrate a school to the new Juniper Wi-Fi in a mere 30 minutes. “We have minimal downtime thanks to Juniper’s zero touch provisioning,” he says.

Aberdeen City Council Solution

100% connections—first time, every time

Educators quickly realized that all learners in their classroom had fast, reliable Wi-Fi to access digital learning. Previously, only a limited number of learners could connect their laptops at once. “One teacher triumphantly came out of the classroom and raised her arms in victory for getting all her learners connected at the same time,” says Pilbeam-Cornfield.

The IT operations experience is transformed. Comprehensive AIOps simplifies operations and improves visibility into network, app, and device performance. “Marvis is really helpful to identify and resolve problems before users are impacted,” he says.

IT plans to integrate its Juniper network with ServiceNow to automate firmware upgrades on switches, which will streamline the change management processes, cutting hours of work to minutes.

Sustainability is another success. Even as the number of access points (APs) doubled and the switch capacity increased, power usage decreased. “We are using less power in our network with Juniper, even with double the APs,” he says.

“I’m extremely enthusiastic about everything Juniper is bringing us right now and adding in the future,” he says. “I see a lot of innovation from Juniper.”

Aberdeen City Council Outcome
“Having a Juniper AI-Native Network means our IT team can focus on innovation for the city and spend less time managing the network.”
Iain Pilbeam-Cornfield Infrastructure Architect, Aberdeen City Council

Published June 2024

Image credit: Aberdeen City Council