UK Gender Pay Gap Narrative

Who is Juniper Networks?

At Juniper Networks, we strive to deliver network experiences that transform how people connect, work and live. Making connections is our business and it’s also a central part of our culture. We’re building an innovative workplace that strives for excellence and authenticity, has inclusion at its core and enriches our organisation with people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities and thinking styles.

We want Juniper to be a place where everyone feels welcome, feels valued and knows that their views are heard.

We take a gender-neutral approach to our reward and remuneration philosophy which is transparent, market-competitive and rewards performance against specific business objectives and strategic goals.

The Gender Pay Gap Report

The Gender Pay Gap Regulations require all employers with 250 or more employees in the UK on the snapshot date of 5 April 2023, to report six specific metrics:

  1. The mean gender pay gap. This is the difference between the mean hourly rate of pay between all male full-pay relevant employees and all female full-pay relevant employees, as of the snapshot date;
  2. The median gender pay gap. This is the difference between the median hourly rate of pay between all male full-pay relevant employees and all female full-pay relevant employees, as of the snapshot date;
  3. The mean bonus gap. This is the difference between the mean value of bonus paid to all relevant male employees and the mean value of bonus paid to all relevant female employees in the 12 months’ prior to the snapshot date;
  4. The median bonus gap. This is the difference between the median value of bonus paid to all relevant male employees and the median value of bonus paid to all relevant female employees in the 12 months’ prior to the snapshot date;
  5. The percentage of males and females paid a bonus in the 12 months’ prior to the snapshot date; and
  6. The percentage of males and females in each of four equal quartiles based on hourly pay at the snapshot date.

The gender pay gap is calculated across Juniper’s entire UK population, regardless of role and is not an assessment of equal pay. The gender pay gap can be significantly affected by the gender balance of an entire organisation. Equal pay is concerned with the pay that men and women receive for comparable roles. Juniper is committed to paying equally regardless of gender.

Our Results

We have set out below our gender pay gap statistics in relation to the 5 April 2023 snapshot:


Mean gender pay gap


Median gender pay gap


Mean bonus gap


Median bonus gap


Proportion of men receiving a bonus


Proportion of women receiving a bonus



What do our Results Show?

We have an overrepresentation of women in our lower paid roles, and an overrepresentation of men in higher paid positions.

We need to continue to increase our representation of women into all areas of Juniper, in particular towards our most senior positions. As the statistics above show, less than 1 in 5 of these are held by women, therefore we need to continue to attract, retain and promote women at Juniper.

Specifically, we have identified a lower female representation in Sales Engineering roles and senior Account Management roles which contributes towards the gaps.

What is Juniper Doing to Address these Results?

Juniper is committed to promoting and embracing a diverse workforce that is treated fairly. The struggles with diversity in our industry have been well publicised, but we are not shying away from these statistics. 

Juniper is actively engaged in driving and improving the hiring and promotion of women into leadership roles and investing in the progression of our female colleagues. We have a number of initiatives in place to help women have just as much opportunity to thrive in a career at Juniper. 



We need to continue to attract women into Juniper and to do this, we must ensure that women form an equal proportion of applicants for roles and are equally likely to be selected for a role as men.

We advertise our roles in a variety of places where they will be seen by men and women. We regularly review where we advertise to ensure we are receiving applications from a broad range of people. All our job adverts are drafted using gender neutral language.

We are increasing the number of women applying at all levels of the recruitment pipeline with a commitment to bring all qualified female applicants to the first interview.

We have gender balanced interview panels, and we use structured interviews for all roles.

We are rolling out a Global Hiring Process Transformation, part of which includes launching a comprehensive interview training framework. This will offer hiring teams’ a structured and standardised approach to interviewing. Interviewers will be equipped with tools and a structured process, ensuring consistency and fairness. We continue to prioritize building diverse and balanced teams and objectively hiring the best talent. Providing our hiring teams with tools that make it easier to make informed and bias free hiring choices is critical to developing our innovative culture.


We need to make sure that we continue to retain our female talent. To do this, we have a number of initiatives in place aimed at ensuring our culture is one where women feel like they belong and are able to build successful careers in which they meet their full potential.

We have been increasing awareness of and action towards gender-based workplace issues through the Women@Juniper Employee Affinity group.

Our partnership with Catalyst, a global non-profit aimed at building gender equality in workplaces, provides online events, workshops, courses, and webinars to which Juniper Networks employees have access.

We also know the impact that parenthood can have on careers. Because of this, we partner with Cleo, a proactive, virtual advocacy and coaching platform, to offer parents support for challenges children face through the years. This better supports employees through the parenting journey. Our benefits include Cleo Baby; Cleo Kids; Cleo Teens; and Cleo Adult Care, ensuring that employees are supported regardless of the age of their child/ren. This helps to minimise the impact of parenthood on our employees’ careers. Our partnership with Cleo, also allows us to offer webinars to employees on various parenting subjects.

Additionally, we partner with TaskHuman, a mobile app offering instant, 1-on-1 support from live wellness professionals covering all self-care needs, which all employees have unlimited access to. This allows us to provide employees with various webinars from TaskHuman coaches on subjects such as: Empowering Women at Work; and Embracing Parenthood.


We have a number of initiatives in place to support the progression of female talent at all levels of our business.

We have complete transparency over career progression. Research shows that women are less likely to put themselves forwards for roles if selection criteria are ambiguous. With greater transparency, it minimises the room for bias and maximises fairness.

Juniper has created Women’s Leadership Development Programs designed to enhance the development, visibility, and growth opportunities for our next generation of female talent. This multi-faceted program includes building a strong network of peers, personalized executive coaching, and exposure to senior leadership.

We have rolled out Junivator Career Connect (JCC), an internal talent marketplace and career development platform. The tool is designed to empower employees to own their career development, view and set their own career path, using AI to curate development opportunities specific to employees own goals, skillset, and experience.

Employee development plans are supported by managers through regular 1:1’s and Conversations Days. Conversation Days take place twice a year and offer employees the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about performance, growth and career aspirations. These conversations play a critical role in employees' development and help us to continue to foster a culture of growth and development.

We also have a mentoring scheme within JCC which helps support the development of women. This has internal mentors available to connect with to offer career advice, share their area of expertise and guide mentees career growth.

We regularly hold virtual workshops for all employees focused on allyship to enhance gender partnerships, such as “Foundations of Male Allyship”, promoting gender equality and inclusion to be a better ally for women.

I confirm that the gender pay and bonus gap figures are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Jennifer Room, VP Human Resources