Connecting others to opportunity

From driving an inclusive workforce and climate action to disaster relief and community volunteering, we partner with charitable organizations whose values align with ours. Our aim is to power connections and empower change throughout our industry and communities.


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Workforce of the future: Advancing equity

The future of innovation is fueled by diverse and inclusive workplaces. That’s why we have a history of investing in STEM education and equitable employment opportunities in the digital economy, focusing specifically on traditionally underserved, underrepresented communities.

Most recently, we have committed to a three-year strategic partnership with the nonprofit NPower. NPower creates pathways to prosperity by launching digital careers for young adults from underserved communities and military veterans.

NPower envisions a future where our domestic technology workforce is diverse, and clear pathways exist for all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic background to succeed. Trainees in NPower’s programs are provided stability and opportunity, supporting a more diverse and competitive workforce in the broader digital economy.

Global resilience: Driving climate solutions

Our work is shaped by our commitment to a sustainable future. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment and, through our corporate giving, advance the crucial climate action our communities need.

Our three-year strategic partnerships with GRID Alternatives and the CLIMA Fund are driving climate solutions in underserved, grassroots communities.

GRID Alternatives is a leader in helping economic and environmental justice communities across the U.S. get clean, affordable renewable energy, transportation, and jobs. GRID is a leading voice in low-income solar policy and the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, serving families throughout California, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic region, and tribal communities nationwide. Internationally, their energy access work is lighting up off-grid communities in Nepal, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The CLIMA Fund invests in on-the-ground leaders behind the most sustainable and effective solutions to our global climate crisis. The CLIMA Fund mobilizes the philanthropic sector to resource grassroots climate justice solutions that traditionally lack access to funding.

When disaster strikes, immediate and ongoing relief is vital to communities desperate to rebuild. In response to global health, natural, and climate-related disasters, we've donated more than $1 million to support relief efforts around the world since 2019.

Volunteering: Empowering our people

Lending a helping hand is part of our way of working, and our people are passionate about supporting their communities. Full-time employees can spend five paid working days a year volunteering for causes they care about. Through Juniper’s Matching Gift Program, we’ll match donations up to $1000 per year per employee.