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Where We Stand

Workforce and Immigration

We believe technology teams flourish when they’re made up of people with different backgrounds and experiences.

We support:

  • Programs that attract diverse and underrepresented individuals to STEM fields.
  • Immigration policies that make it easier for innovative companies to hire skilled workers regardless of where they come from.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which seeks relief from deportation and work permission for individuals brought to the United States as children.


We believe in coordinated cybersecurity efforts; vendors and customers must work together to protect and defend against threats to network security. We believe in coordinated cybersecurity efforts to disclose and fix vulnerabilities, and an in-depth and reliable supply chain risk management (SCRM) process.

Government mandates for access to protected data are misguided and weaken security for all users. For this reason, governments should not mandate that manufacturers enable access to encrypted data that resides on or transits through their products.

We support:

  • Product manufacturers’ rights to analyze, validate, and develop fixes for potential vulnerabilities before those vulnerabilities are disclosed to protect all users of our products. For additional information about our security incident response processes, please visit our Security Incident Response team.
  • Industry-led SCRM processes that include an understanding of the supplier and its products, and understanding of potential vulnerability entry points, and supplier review and assessment validation.
  • Industry-led SCRM audits that consider foreign ownership, control, or other influence (FOCI) over product development.

Federal Acquisition

We believe government agencies and taxpayers benefit operationally and financially from networks built on best-in-class, interoperable solutions.

We support:

  • Policies that require government agencies to be transparent with industry about agency requirements and to encourage competition among alternative providers.
  • Agencies embracing open standards to improve product choice, lower costs, increase interoperability, and enhance security across their networks.
  • Policies that favor multi-vendor networks and clouds for government users.


We believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment by offering solutions that minimize energy consumption, not only in product development and manufacturing but also in product use.

For additional information about our commitment to sustainability and to read our Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability report, please visit our Corporate Responsibility site.

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