Our sales organization is undergoing explosive growth

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A better opportunity awaits

Our company is making a serious investment in AI-driven enterprise. We need radical thinkers, go-getters, under-represented perspectives, and change makers to take us where we want to go. Is that you?

A fast-growing, fast-paced environment

Juniper Sales operates in an agile, high-velocity capacity that sets and beats records almost daily – 2023 has started with a second consecutive quarter of double-digit, year-over-year revenue growth. We dare you to compare us to others. We are, and we’re excited.

Ride our momentum

It’s a new era at Juniper. Our technology is recognized. Our features, differentiated. And we’ve made the right moves to outpace our legacy competitors. You’ve got everything you need to convince less and sell more.

High-impact roles for everyone

Starting out your career? Looking to grow? Simply want to try something ambitious? We got you. Our roles will give you on-the-job experience, helping you achieve your goals, all while helping our customers achieve theirs.

Selling starts with collaboration

Here, you'll work alongside smart, talented team members who will inspire you, every day, to grow your skills. It’s that amazing team culture that translates into a great experience for customers.

You'll be empowered to sell across a personal and technical perspective — something you won’t see in other organizations and something we pride ourselves on.

Curious about a role in sales? Check out this video from our Sales Engineering team.

Creating impact is a collaborative effort

If you’re looking to grow your career and lay the groundwork for long-term success, look no further.

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Come for the opportunity. Stay for the possibilities.

The Juniper Sales team is known for hiring stars, realizing potential, and promoting from within. In 2021 alone, 30 percent of our virtual sales team was promoted internally into lead and senior roles.

You aren’t alone: Our dedicated Sales Enablement Team gives you that competitive edge. Plus, our learning paths make for clear lateral or upward moves.

This is the best time to be in sales

Juniper is entering a period of unprecedented growth. In turn, the sales organization is seeing its largest-ever investment. Juniper gets it: You can’t do more with less — you can only do more with more.

That’s why we’re creating immersive demos. We’re enabling hands-on proof of concept (POC) sessions. We’re partnering with brands like Aston Martin F1 Racing to get the word out. That’s why we’re buying TV ads, so your customers know who Juniper is before you pick up the phone. No segment or opportunity is left untapped.

Solve real problems and unique customer needs

Juniper Sales solves an array of common and uncommon problems for customers, great and small. It’s how we can provide you with invaluable real-world experience for roles inside and outside of the organization. 

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a goal — it’s part of our culture.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is built into our culture. It’s something our leaders are invested in. That’s why we appointed the SVP of Global Channel as the head of the department’s DEI programs.

Our sales organization spearheads several successful initiatives, both internally and externally, to meet the needs of underserved communities, like Vets in Tech, a partner diversity program, and the Juniper Women’s Development Program.

Sales is a team sport

The relationships between our Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Channel Sales, Sales Development Representatives, and Virtual Sales Representatives help create an amazing team culture where we are all in it to win it together.

  • Strategic Account Managers develop and close opportunities across specific accounts strategic to Juniper’s future, while leveraging a team of partner account managers.
  • Partner Account Managers serve as an ambassador to our partners and must be an integral part of their business enabled by a solid relationship across all the various departments and teams in the organization.
  • Sales Development Representatives are responsible for identifying and qualifying sales opportunities and are essential in securing new business with prospective and existing customers, building the sales pipeline, and driving the company’s revenue goals.
  • Sales Enablement teams support our elite sales team to accelerate revenue growth by equipping sellers with relevant content, consistent processes, and effective technology.
  • Sales Engineers bridge the gap between Juniper’s technology and product offerings and commercial sales functions. They work with Account Managers to apply technical knowledge and soft skills to educate prospects on what products and technologies achieve their business outcomes, how to address technical challenges, and why Juniper is the vendor of choice.
  • Virtual Sales Representatives develop incremental business with new and existing commercial customers, leveraging Juniper’s world-class partner ecosystem and working with a team of Sales Development Representatives, Partner Account Managers, and Sales Engineers to support growth of their territory.
Chris Kaddaras, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer
There is no better time to come work at Juniper. Our amazing people and culture — coupled with an immense opportunity around our products and differentiation — is the perfect recipe for success.
– Chris Kaddaras, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

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