Web Accessibility

We’ve implemented accessibility guidelines to ensure that our content is readable by the widest possible audience. These guidelines will help you change text size or contrast. Key commands are also listed so the site can be navigated by keyboard.

Note: We’re working to make our website fully accessible to all users in the future, but the current site has some limitations. For example, the Customer Support and Partner Center sections are not fully accessible to all users.

How to Change Text Size

You can change the text size displayed on your screen by customizing your browser settings.


Change Text Size in Browser


More > Zoom


View > Make Text Bigger

Firefox and Opera

View > Zoom or Increase Text Size

Internet Explorer

View > Text Size


View > Text Zoom

Adjust Screen Contrast

Set your browser to ignore all style sheets on webpages. Please refer to your browser Help section to learn more.

Note: This site was designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 ’XGA’ or larger.

Operating Systems

Change to High Contrast

Microsoft Windows

Left ALT + Left Shift + PrintScreen

Apple OS

Increase Contrast: Command + Option + Control + . ’period’
Decrease Contrast: Command + Option + Control + , ’comma’