Recommended Assistive Devices

There are several assistive devices that will help you have a better viewing experience. They are not mandatory but will give you a better or more complete experience.

Like all web sites, is based on HTML (version 5), but it also features content in Flash (SWF) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats. In addition, JavaScript is used to enhance the style of the site.

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The JavaScript programming language is used on present certain effects and customize the style of our site using Cascading Style Sheets that adjust formats to the specific platform or browser you are using. will still function without JavaScript, but not as smoothly because you would have to use alternate, clumsier navigation methods. For example, if you do not have JavaScript installed:

  • Your browser will present information without any style sheet enhancements and content will be displayed in its default format which may not be appropriate for your environment.
  • Pull-down menu navigation will not function correctly, although all destinations would be reachable using other links on the pages.

Adobe Flash Player uses Adobe Flash Player to deliver multimedia presentations such as demos, product image slide shows, and videos. If you do not have the Flash player installed, you will get only the HTML content.

Download Flash Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Important information, such as product datasheets and white papers is delivered using the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Documents downloaded to this commonly used file format is only available if you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full Adobe Acrobat program on your computer.

Download Acrobat Reader

Screen Reader has been tested for compatibility with Job Access With Speech (JAWS). Although this is not the only screen reader product that will work with our site, we recommend this product simply because it has been tested.

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