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Service overview

In today’s complex and dynamic IT infrastructures, software and hardware from multiple technology vendors combine to create sophisticated solutions. Having more products and more vendors can mean a higher chance for something to go wrong.

Juniper Solution Support Service provides:

— a single point of contact and accountability

— support for multiproduct, multivendor solutions

— fast, effective support that keeps your network operations at peak efficiency

— fewer business disruptions


Service Description

Juniper® Solution Support Service, a supplemental contract for Juniper solutions, provides support for approved third-party products and software products delivered by Juniper Professional Services. The Solution Support Service provides you with 24x7x365 access to a designated team of solution experts within the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC). Each issue that occurs within the Juniper solution will be assigned to a Solution Specialist who will be a single point of contact and assume responsibility for the problem from first call to resolution, no matter where the problem resides.

The Solution Support Service supplements product-level maintenance and support agreements from Juniper and its authorized third-party product vendors. Prior to, or in conjunction with, purchasing the Solution Support Service, you will need to purchase a Juniper Care service contract and/or a Juniper Care Software Advantage service contract covering all Juniper products within the solution. For any third-party products operating within the Juniper solution, you should have a support contract in place with the appropriate third-party vendors.

Figure 1: Solution Support Service architecture with case handling process

Figure 1: Solution Support Service architecture with case handling process

Features and Benefits

Table 1. Solution Support Service Features and Benefits
FeatureFeature DescriptionBenefits
Solution Support Team24x7x365 access to Solution Support experts who will diagnose and troubleshoot system problems, assist with configuration issues, and provide workaround solutions where necessary.When you have an issue, just call Solution Support experts, no need to call multiple vendors or open and track multiple cases. You save time and resources, resolving problems faster.
Assigned Solution SpecialistIssues are assigned to a Solution Specialist who is accountable for resolving any problem that occurs within the approved solution.Juniper offers a single point of contact. You don’t have to deal with multiple people—a very efficient use of your time.
Online SupportSelf-service access to the Juniper Support Portal (JSP) online portal provides information, tools, and service options.When you have an issue, go to the JSP and log a case online. No need to deal with multiple vendors. Very convenient—a real time saver.
Root Cause AnalysisA Root Cause Analysis report is provided for Priority 1 support cases.Prevents the same issue from recurring, keeping your network up and running smoothly.
ReportingReports showing the support cases’ details are provided.Consolidated reporting helps you manage your network more effectively.


Solution Support Experts and Assigned Solution Specialist

You have unlimited 24x7x365 access to highly trained Solution Support experts that will troubleshoot and diagnose your problems, assist with configuration issues, and provide workaround solutions when necessary. Your case will be assigned to a Solution Specialist who will be held accountable for resolving the issue, no matter where the issue resides—whether in the Juniper solutions or third-party products that are authorized for use in the approved Juniper solution.

All priority issues trigger automatic escalation alerts to senior management, ensuring that your issue is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

For details on the JTAC Support Center structure, how to access JTAC support, JTAC response time guidelines, problem reporting and escalation procedures, case workflow, and customer communication guidelines, please refer to the JTAC User Guide at


Online Support

Take advantage of self-service access to the Juniper Support Portal (JSP), which provides information, tools, and service options regarding supported Juniper products.

  • Online case management: Create new cases, check the status of existing cases, update cases with new information, and search by case numbers, RMA numbers and tracking, or the end user’s own internal case reference numbers.
  • Juniper Knowledge Center: Search thousands of articles, including configuration assistance, known issues, interoperability, and compatibility information.
  • Problem Report (PR) search: Access the most complete and up-to-date information about known Juniper operating system defects. The tool allows you to search for defects by PR number, Juniper Networks Junos® operating system release version, and keyword, providing upgrade analysis and impact information. You can also subscribe to PRs of interest to receive automated updates as specific PRs change.
  • Online tools: Employ various tools to analyze hardware and software information such as configuration tools, translator, migration tools, etc.
  • Technical bulletins: Receive timely notifications on new feature releases, end of life, known product issues, etc.
  • Security advisories: Learn about known security vulnerabilities so that you can avoid network issues.


Root Cause Analysis

For support cases deemed Priority 1(P1), and where a Juniper product or solution is determined to be the root cause, Juniper will provide a written Root Cause Analysis report for all technical issues within the solution. For third-party products, performance and availability of root cause analysis are dependent upon the devices operating within the solution and providing the necessary information to Juniper in a timely and accurate fashion.



You have access to monthly reports that show the total number of Solution Support Service Requests opened, closed, and pending. In addition, Juniper will provide details such as product type, issue reported, final issue resolution, and case closure time frame.


Juniper Networks Service and Support

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Ordering Information

Prior to ordering the Solution Support Service, the prerequisite is to have a Juniper Care contract and/or a Juniper Care Software Advantage contract in place, as well as a support contract with the appropriate third-party vendor(s) operating within the approved Juniper solution.

The Solution Support Service has a minimum annual term of twelve (12) months.

Model NumberDescription
SVC-SOLUTION-SUPSolution Support Service for approved Juniper solutions including support for approved third-party products

Please contact your local Juniper sales representative for Solution Support Service pricing and availability.


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