Juniper Networks Contracts Resources

Juniper has developed a contractual framework that enables customers to purchase and license all of our hardware, software, cloud services, and support services offerings. Here you will find all documentation relevant to the products and services you are purchasing.


General Terms and Conditions

Juniper’s General Terms and Conditions are the foundational terms and conditions for the purchase, use, access and/or licensing of Juniper Solutions (including hardware, software, cloud services and/or support services).


Schedules define the specific terms applicable to certain Go-To-Market selling motions.

Customer Schedule

This document applies to purchases of Juniper Solutions for internal use.


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Channel Schedule

This document applies to purchases of Juniper Solutions by Authorized Resellers for resale to Users.

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Distribution Schedule

This document applies to purchases of Juniper Solutions for distribution by Authorized Distributors to Authorized Resellers.

These terms are available upon request. 

Program Terms

Program Terms are any program-specific Addenda incorporated into the Agreement, including country, industry, channel, or product-specific terms.

Channel Program Terms

These terms apply to Authorized Resellers and Authorized Distributors.

These terms are available for download on the  Juniper Partner Center.

Data Protection Addendum

These terms apply where Juniper acts as a Processor (or Sub-Processor) of Personal Data.

Partner DPA available for download on the Juniper Partner Center

Customer DPA [Download PDF]

Enterprise Agreement

These terms apply to enterprise-wide licensing.

These terms are available upon request.

Loan and License Terms

These terms govern the use of Juniper Solutions for trial, evaluation, proof of concept, or similar purposes.

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Local Adoption Agreements

These terms apply to direct purchases in the applicable countries.

These terms are available upon request.

U.S. Public Sector Terms

These terms apply to U.S. Federal and State, Local, and Education Customers.

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Descriptive Content

Descriptive Content includes documentation that describes Juniper Solutions. 

Cloud Services Descriptions

A description of the Cloud Service, including the incorporated Support Services, Juniper’s obligations in providing the Cloud Service, and any specific privacy and data protection information.

More Guidelines

Service Description Documents

A description of the specific scope and detail of each Support Service offering.

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Product Datasheets

Documents the technical information of a product, including components, applications, and use cases.

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Policies include online policies, guidelines, and procedures applicable to Juniper Solutions and/or how to engage in business with Juniper. 


The terms and conditions of applicable Hardware and Software warranties.

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End of Life Policy

Juniper’s policy pertaining to product end-of-life milestones for Juniper Solutions.

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Shipping Terms

Provides information about shipping and exports.

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Purchase Order Requirements

Details the process and associated requirements for submitting a purchase order. 

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Licensing Guide

Describes how to activate, install, manage, and monitor licenses.  

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Inspection and Reinstatement Policy

Juniper’s policy pertaining to inspection and reinstatement of Hardware, Software, and Cloud Services.

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Gray Market Reinstatement Policy

Juniper’s policy pertaining to reinstatement of Gray Market products.

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