Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Free Trial

Program Terms & Conditions

Have you heard that Juniper Mist is the leader in wireless and wired networking? Is your company interested in a free trial to test out a Juniper Access Point (AP) or EX Series Switch?

We know that every enterprise could benefit from AI-driven networking. Since we can’t ship a free AP or EX switch (“Products”) to everyone, please read below to make sure your company is eligible. In order to qualify:

  • Your company must have a wireless or wired network project budgeted within the next 12 months for which Juniper Mist is a viable solution.
  • Your company must have 25+ non-Juniper wireless APs deployed today.
  • Your company may be a current Juniper customer; however, you may not be a current Juniper Mist customer.
  • The worksite where Juniper Mist will be delivered to and deployed must be located in the United States.
  • You or your delegates must attend a qualified event and schedule a follow-up meeting with Juniper to discuss Juniper wireless and/or wired solutions as those solutions may relate to your business.
  • You must provide your company’s address for shipment.
  • U.S. Government entities are not eligible for this program.
  • Your company cannot be a reseller partner, competitor, consultant, managed service provider, distributor, US Government entity, or member of the media (including bloggers and influencers).
  • Equipment and services provided under this program are for not personal use.
  • You agree on behalf of your company that your company’s use of Juniper Mist and the free AP and/or EX switch is subject to the Juniper End User License and Purchase Agreement for Non-Commercial Purposes (as defined in that Agreement).

Participation in this program must be approved by Juniper. Limit one Juniper Access Point and/or one EX Series Switch per company.

If your company qualifies and is approved, your company’s free AP and/or EX switch will arrive with a complimentary 90-day Juniper Mist cloud services subscription. Your free gear may be new or refurbished. Products will be shipped either directly from Juniper or its fulfillment partner on a DDP basis (Incoterms 2010) based on location. Products may not be resold or transferred to others. At the end of the Juniper Mist cloud services subscription, the free AP and/or EX switch may continue to be used for Non-Commercial Purposes by your Company, if applicable.

This program is for a limited time, and Juniper Networks may modify, suspend, or terminate the program at any time.