NSS Labs’ 2019 Data Center
Security Gateway Test Report

Juniper receives a Recommended rating for data center
security gateway.

Cyber attackers are targeting enterprise data centers. You need a powerful security solution to keep these attackers at bay and protect your critical data, servers, and applications around the clock.

Our security solution delivers what you need. We believe that’s why NSS Labs gave Juniper its highest rating of Recommended in the 2019 Data Center Security Gateway (DCSG) Test. NSS Labs evaluated our SRX5400 firewall, equipped with one SPC3 service card, running AppSecure and IDP. It was tested for security effectiveness, evasion resistance, stability and reliability, TCO, and performance.

“Juniper is back. The company is reasserting itself in the data center with a strong showing and should be on everyone's short list.”
—NSS Labs DCSG 2019 Security Value Map Comparative Report

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