Data Center Masterclass Series

Join Juniper's Russ White, a widely published 30-year network engineering veteran, in a three-part masterclass exploring the data center. Choose from classes on data center fabric, physical topologies, or data center security. All dates listed below.

Class 1: Data Center Fabric, Available On-Demand
Explore how you can gain value from on-premises data center fabrics, and where to emphasize value versus where to commoditize.

Class 2: Physical Topologies, Available On-Demand
Spine-and-leaf fabric is the "new standard," but how much do you know about this topology, its origins, and its properties? This session will consider the history of the Clos, explain the butterfly and Benes, look at why a fabric is a fabric and why "normal networks" are not, and cover some key design considerations when building a fabric.

Special Edition Class: Juniper + Apstra, January 27, 12 PM EST

Class 3: Security in the Data Center Fabric, February 10, 12 PM EST
It’s typical to think about scale, speed, oversubscription, and costs when designing a data center fabric. But what about security in a world increasingly focused on privacy, data protection, and preventing downtime caused by cyber breaches? This session will consider how data center fabric software and control plane components can impact security, including the ability to effectively manage segmentation policy, controlling failure domains, and the impact host-based routing has on fabric security.

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