Webinar: 7 Habits of Highly Effective DC Networkers

AMER: Wednesday, May 22nd, 9AM PDT/ 12PM EDT/ 10AM MDT

EMEA: Wednesday, May 22nd, 3PM CEST/ 2PM BST

APAC: Thursday, May 23rd, 1PM SGT


Data center network engineers live with complexity and stress every day. Success depends on cultivating good habits and adopting the right tools to help. But which habits, and which tools? 

Our featured speakers, Drew Conry-Murray and Jeff Doyle, draw on decades of experience talking to and working with data center networkers and distill the key lessons they’ve learned into seven habits that you can adopt to be more effective. Using real-world examples from various industries and types of networks, Drew and Jeff illustrate what to do—and what NOT to do—from designing for business outcomes to automation and continuous validation. 

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Featured Speaker: Drew Conry-Murray, Packet Pushers

Drew Conry-Murray has been covering enterprise IT as a writer and editor since 1998, with a focus on enterprise networks and data centers, cloud computing, and information security. At Packet Pushers, Drew co-hosts weekly podcasts including Network Break, Heavy Networking, and Packet Protector. He also blogs regularly about IT and networking including strategic analysis and new product coverage, and produces the Human Infrastructure newsletter at Packet Pushers. He is a Tech Field Day delegate and frequent contributor to other IT events.  

Featured Speaker: Jeff Doyle, Juniper Networks

Jeff Doyle is Solutions Architect Director at Juniper Networks and a recognized industry expert in a range of networking technologies. Jeff has advised network operators of all types in 26 countries across 6 continents, authored numerous publications for both practitioners and industry leaders, and contributed to industry forums such as the IPv6 Forum, NANOG and APRICOT. Jeff currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Network Automation Forum. 

Moderator: Jay Gill,  Juniper Networks

Jay Gill is Director of Product Marketing at Juniper Networks, responsible for data center marketing strategy and execution. Prior to Juniper, Jay held senior marketing roles at both Pluribus Networks and Infinera, and a variety of positions at Cisco focused on growing the company’s service provider business. Earlier in his career, Jay worked in engineering and product development at several service providers including both incumbents and startups.