Demystifying AIOps in Networking

Explore real-life use cases for achieving operational excellence

AIOps is rapidly transforming the work and priorities of IT teams. Join us to learn how IT leaders are using AIOps today to reduce trouble tickets and find network issues before users notice a problem. In this AI Game Changers session, Bob Friday, Juniper’s Chief AI Officer, hosts Stanford’s Peter Norvig, an AI expert and visionary, for a candid and illuminating fireside chat about all things AIOps, including:

  • The nuances of deep learning and machine learning in AIOps
  • Where AIOps has delivered in networking and where it’s missed the mark
  • The top uses cases for AIOps in networking and real-world results
  • Common AIOps related challenges and how to overcome them

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Don’t miss this opportunity to hear insights and predications on AIOps from two AI game changers.

Meet our experts


Bob Friday

Bob Friday, Chief AI Officer at Juniper Networks and CTO of Juniper’s Enterprise Business

Bob is one of the industry’s most prominent voices on applying AI to IT. In 2014, he co-founded Mist Systems, which Juniper purchased in 2019. In 2001, he co-founded Airespace, a start-up focused on simplifying and enhancing enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Bob holds more than 15 patents.


Peter Norvig

Peter Norvig, Distinguished Education Fellow at Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute

Peter co-authored Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach textbook, in addition to authoring or co-authoring many other highly regarded publications on AI and data science. Previously, he directed Google’s core search algorithms and research groups, and headed the Ames's Computational Sciences Division at NASA.