Real AI in Networking

Tame the complexity in your growing IT network.

We get it. Everyone is talking about AI.

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The purest definition of AI is software that performs a task on par with a human expert. A subset of AI, machine learning (ML) provides an ability through a set of algorithms to learn and improve from experience.

AI technology is creeping into every industry. In the networking industry, the proliferation of devices, data, and people has made IT infrastructure more complex than ever to manage, with many looking to AI for help. Together AI and ML play an increasingly critical role in taming complexity for growing IT networks.

Let us help you on your journey through AI and ML. Our high-level overviews explore the meaning of AI in the networking industry. Our discussions with experts and other resources provide insight into real-life applications and business benefits of AI.

Whiteboard Technical Series: AI Overview

In the first video of our technical series, you’ll learn about some of the core tools we use in our AI platform: mutual information, decision trees, reinforcement learning, and long short-term memory recurrent neural network (LSTM RNN).

Take a journey through AI.


Ease into the basics of AI before getting into more advanced topics.


Learn about some of the data science models that bring AI together.


Check out how we’re bringing AI to networking, with real results.


Industry experts weigh in on AI ethics and bias, what AI means for the future of some jobs, and more.

Explore our Whiteboard Technical Series.

Check out other videos in the Whiteboard AI Technical Series.

Mutual Information

How mutual information helps you understand which network features have the most information for predicting failure or success in the service-level expectations (SLE) client metrics.

Decision Trees

How data and building decision-tree models are used to predict failures of common networking problems.

Natural Language Processing

How NLP works with Marvis, our AI engine, to help you resolve problems more effectively.

Reinforcement Learning

How reinforcement learning helps optimize channel and RF power settings.