Hero Journey To SASE

Journey to SASE and beyond

Juniper delivers the threat-aware network for the cloud era, offering effective security while reducing complexity and streamlining management. Transition seamlessly and securely to a SASE architecture by safeguarding users, applications, and infrastructure, everywhere and anywhere they are.

Video The Threat Aware Network for the Cloud Era

Define your path to SASE

No two SASE journeys are the same. Successfully implementing a SASE architecture is all about how you choose to design, build, and maintain the network to optimize the user experience and secure users, applications, and devices. The journey to SASE starts with careful planning. Juniper bridges your current security deployments with your future SASE rollout.

Video Take Your First Step Toward SASE with Security Director Cloud

Take your first step toward SASE

The journey to SASE starts with great user experience. Security Director Cloud is your SASE portal, delivering experience-first management that enables a seamless and secure transition to a SASE architecture by reducing complexity and attack vectors. Manage security anywhere and everywhere, on-premises and in the cloud, from the cloud with unified policy management that follows users, devices, and applications wherever they go.

Video Forge Ahead Securely with SASE and ATP Cloud Script

Forge ahead securely with SASE

When you commit to SASE, you’re committing to a secure future. As your users and applications are distributed around the globe, it is critical that security policies are effective and consistent to protect against all manner of attacks. Juniper provides validated protection from attack, regardless of where the users are located, ensuring quick access to applications and consistent security enforcement.