Wonderful Pistachios Gets Cracking with AI-Driven Wi-Fi

Wonderful Pistachios wanted a fresh approach and selected Juniper Mist. Instead of replacing its wireless LAN with a slightly updated version of the same old technology, the company embraced a modern, AI-driven WLAN.

Wonderful Pistachios is the world’s largest vertically integrated pistachio and almond grower and processor. It’s one of the brands from The Wonderful Company, a privately held $4.6 billion company, known for its high quality, healthy products, from fruits and nuts to water and wine.


Company Wonderful Pistachios
Industry Agriculture
Products used AP41AP61
Region Americas
Wonderful Pistachios Image
"With the Mist solution and its AI foundation, we are seeing higher performance and troubleshooting of user issues is simplified and faster. The intuitive design and rich visibility of the management interface make it easier for our team to configure the system and to get insight into the user experience."
Matt McCaleb Network & Telecom Engineer, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds