Connecting millions of friends takes a stronger network.

Flawless functionality is crucial to the success of an online social network. A high-performance data center is the foundation for processing user requests within milliseconds at times of high usage, because a service such as StayFriends relies on stable servers with no downtime.

With more than 13 million members in Germany and at least one million school pictures online, StayFriends is a very successful social network whose focus is to bring new relationships to old friends. It also has users in Sweden, France, Austria, and Switzerland.


Company StayFriends
Industry Media and Entertainment
Region EMEA
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"The main advantages of using Juniper also in our primary locations are better performance and of course much easier administration."
Sascha Ottolski Director IT-Systems, StayFriends

Business Challenge

StayFriends wanted to add a second data center and needed to enable its servers to communicate efficiently and quickly exchange data between two cities (Nuremberg and Berlin). The existing data center in Nuremberg included outdated switches and the overall number of switches was more than 70, which was not easy to administer.

Business Solution

After considering solutions from two leading providers, StayFriends decided that the EX Series Ethernet Switches with Virtual Chassis technology offered a high-performance solution that was ideally tailored to its needs, and at a reasonable price.

Business Results

Price, quality, and handling of the Juniper products convinced StayFriends that the EX Series switches were the solution they needed. The Junos Operating System is simple to use and offers a range of possibilities which were not possible with the old switches.

"Due to the Virtual Chassis technology, we only administer four virtual devices instead of more than 70 in Nuremberg."
Sascha Ottolski Director IT-Systems, StayFriends