Roanoke Catholic School adapts to hybrid learning with AI-driven network

The coronavirus pandemic created new challenges for educators everywhere, but Roanoke Catholic School was well prepared for a rapid pivot to hybrid learning with its AI-driven Juniper-based network. Whether students are in a classroom or learning remotely, Roanoke Catholic keeps its diverse student body engaged and learning. 


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Students who rely on a great network for learning


New engineering class


Wi-Fi complaints

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To set up and install 45 access points


A flexible network for rigorous digital learning

At Roanoke Catholic, the pursuit of academic excellence begins in kindergarten and culminates with 100% of seniors being accepted to college. At every grade level, technology is woven into rigorous academics and a schoolwide commitment to service.

A Juniper wireless network delivers the exceptional performance required for the rigorous demands of digital learning. Across the campus, Juniper® Access Points work in conjunction with the Mist Cloud and AI Engine to collect and analyze metadata in near-real time, optimizing the user experience and enabling rapid problem detection and resolution. Marvis, Juniper’s AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant service, streamlines network operations.

“The Mist portal is so intuitive and full of information,” says Mike Sebolt, director of IT and student engagement at Roanoke Catholic.

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Enhance student collaboration and engagement

Students and faculty can count on fast, reliable Wi-Fi in the classrooms, computer lab, gym, and outdoor spaces. Students are safely spread out in classrooms, and lessons are conducted over Google Meet video for students in overflow rooms. The network supports 500 Chromebooks and intense video usage.

“There’s been no downtime and no dropped signals,” Sebolt says. “The coverage is great with Juniper Mist. I love not having to deal with user complaints about the Wi-Fi.”

Installing 45 Juniper Access Points took less than four hours. “Installation was easy,” Sebolt continues. “I used the Mist mobile app to scan the codes on the APs, renamed them, and added them to the Mist portal.”

Sebolt has newfound visibility into the client experience. When some Chromebooks began experiencing connectivity problems, Marvis Virtual Network Assistant identified the DHCP server as the culprit in minutes.

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Preparing students for lifelong success

Roanoke Catholic created a new engineering class to give students hands-on experience with coding and electronics. Sporting events can now be broadcast from the gym. And effective use of educational technology not only contributes to the success of current students, it is also attracting new students.

But fast, reliable Wi-Fi for learning is just the start. Juniper Access Points deliver Wi-Fi 6 as well as virtual Bluetooth® LE and IoT integration, enabling efficient connectivity for the building heating and cooling systems.

Sebolt imagines the future possibilities of a flexible, AI-driven network, including offering turn-by-turn directions across campus and digitally assisted contact tracing in the event of a COVID outbreak.

“We have so many great use cases that are possible now that we have Juniper Mist. I’m looking forward to all that we can do for our students and staff,” he says.

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"Thanks to a Juniper Mist wireless network, we are able to deliver the services our students need for a successful school year even with all the challenges of a pandemic."
Mike Sebolt Director of IT and student engagement, Roanoke Catholic

Published February 2021