Macquarie Telecom Changes the Service Experience

Macquarie Telecom customers know to expect a different experience. The company’s “SoUnTelco” philosophy means putting customers first, treating them like family, and helping them succeed. A customer-first orientation has changed the customer experience for telecom, data center, and cloud services. Macquarie Telecom deployed Juniper networking from core to edge, creating the foundation of innovation and simplifying network operations. 


Company Macquarie Telecom
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX10003MX480MX204Junos OS
Region APAC
Macquarie Telecom Image

Business Challenge

Disruption, innovation, and delighting customers have been successful strategy. Macquarie Telecom’s Net Promoter Score, a measure of customer satisfaction, is the highest in Australia. With an innovative network providing the foundation for in-demand services, Macquarie Telecom can give customers more to rave about.

"Juniper has stepped up wholly as a partner with the Macquarie Telecom team, which has completely changed the dimension of our relationship."
Ronnie Contractor Head of Technology Services, Macquarie Telecom

See how Australian telecom provider Macquarie Telecom future-proofs its network and injects AI-driven innovation with Juniper Networks. (16:22)