Workers at Hinkley Point C Power Plant Stay Fed and Hydrated

A new nuclear power plant is rising from the flatlands of South West England. When completed in 2025, Hinkley Point C power station will be the second largest in the world and generate enough electricity for 6 million homes. Building a critical infrastructure project at this scale requires thousands of workers—and those workers need to eat.


Company Hinkley Point C
Industry Energy and Utilities
Products used SRX340Advanced Threat Prevention
Region EMEA
Hinkley Point C
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thousands of people working on a new nuclear power plant with a highly reliable, flexible network


A trusted network with next-generation firewalls and advanced threat prevention



CETSAT, a leading IT provider in the South West of England, has been involved with Hinkley Point since the beginning. CETSAT leads the cybersecurity consortium that was created to secure the Hinkley Point supply chain and provides managed network and security operations services. CETSAT was commissioned to provide a network to control onsite access for the food and beverage network at Hinkley Point C.

“We chose CETSAT because it is established within the supply chain, a trusted partner, and has the appropriate skills that we need to deliver our network,” says Steve Stapenhill-Hunt, commercial and technical director at South West Larder, the tier-one provider supplying food and beverage to the project. “CETSAT also has extensive experience in cybersecurity and risk reduction, as well as being a managed IT service provider.”

CETSAT chose Juniper solutions for the network for food and beverage. The secure, highly redundant network supports point-of-sale, mobile payment systems, and cash machines. It also supports the back-end restaurant systems for food ordering and payment.

Hinkley Point C Challenge


The foundation of the amenities network is Juniper’s EX4600 Ethernet Switch, a compact, highly scalable switching platform. Equipped with Juniper’s unique Virtual Chassis technology, multiple EX4600 switches can be interconnected and managed as a single, logical chassis, simplifying operations.

“Juniper switches are reliable and work well in all environments,” Stapenhill-Hunt says. “They are versatile and provide us the ability to adapt and add to our network quickly and easily.”

Agility is a requirement in a rapidly changing construction site, and Cooper offers a recent example. “The power plant moved a very long bridge,” Cooper says. “The fiber connecting the two buildings was rerouted and reconnected. With a Juniper network, there was a continuity of services and no downtime.

The network is secured by Juniper Networks SRX340 Services Gateway, which provides high-performance security with integrated threat intelligence. Known and unknown threats on the network are found and blocked by Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention, a service that runs on the SRX Series firewalls.

The CETSAT network operations centre uses Juniper Sky Enterprise to easily manage Juniper switching and security through easy, cloud-based tools. The network team can manage the network from anywhere.

Hinkley Point C Solution


Juniper networking has proven a consistently good choice for CETSAT and its clients, and its engineers are deeply experienced with Juniper.

“We were vendor-agnostic until a few years ago,” says Cooper. “But we now see Juniper as a unique differentiator for our business and customers.”

Hinkley Point C Outcome
"CETSAT has transformed South West Larder’s critical network infrastructure at Hinkley Point C. Networking operations now run seamlessly, providing users with the means to transact and communicate effectively and securely."
Steve Stapenhill-Hunt Commercial and Technical Director, South West Larder

Published December 2020