Heartfulness Institute helps people experience greater calm and wellness over a Juniper core network

The meditation practices of the Heartfulness Institute are more important than ever as the pandemic continues to dramatically change our lives. Heartfulness, with its simple set of meditative practices, helps people achieve greater calm and spiritual connectedness, and the Heartfulness Institute depends on Juniper’s campus and data centre networking at its centre in Hyderabad, India.


Company Heartfulness Institute
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used EX4600EX4300SRX1500
Region APAC
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international headquarters


 meditation centres globally


practitioners may attend a live event 

Safeguard data

against harmful cyberthreats 


Building a digital foundation to awaken a simple, joyful existence

Silent meditation is guided by Heartfulness trainers either remotely over the phone or via a mobile app, or at one of our centres. Heartfulness meditation is free of charge for all.

“Meditation training is like a driving class, but today, everything is remote,” says Raja Ravi Sekar, a Heartfulness trainer and the architect of the Heartfulness network and mobile app. “There’s no conversation, and the certified trainer connects heart to heart with the practitioner.”

The 1,400-acre international headquarters near Hyderabad is being developed as a sustainable community with its own educational and healthcare facilities.

The Heartfulness Institute needed a robust, reliable network to power digital operations in Hyderabad and its centres around the world. “The network must always be up to support our live events,” says Raja.


Building a highly available data centre for meditation

Behind a beneficial daily practice lies a powerful hybrid cloud strategy. The onsite data centre runs member and donor databases and supports events, with data and video flowing to the cloud and back. The campus network connects the residences, school, and wellness centre.

The campus and data centre networks deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. Juniper Networks® SRX1500 Services Gateway provides next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention and detection, and Internet connectivity. Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches provide campus connectivity.


From stress management to self-realization

“Meditation can help engineers like me keep calm and relaxed, so that we don’t take work pressures home,” says Raja. “Heartfulness can help people relax and find joy.”

Heartfulness centres may be quieter than usual during the pandemic, when weekly group meditation happens over digital channels like YouTube, but the network is ready for the return of practitioners.

“Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India, has been a part of our live events,” says Raja. “Our Internet and network must always be available and protected against threats like video hijacking. With Juniper, we have peace of mind, and are able to protect the safety and privacy of our volunteers and guests.”

Heartfulness is continuing to roll out Juniper networking to help people find more joy and peace in their lives. “We want to protect the safety and security of our practitioners in Hyderabad and our global centres to ensure that the Heartfulness mission and vision grows,” says Raja.

“Heartfulness is a path of experiencing our inner self. When practised regularly, meditation helps us be in tune with our heart and develop the capacity to remain poised and balanced at all times. Juniper Networks’ solutions contribute to our global mission.”
Daaji Guide of Heartfulness

Published May 2021